Friday, March 16, 2012

Advice please!

It doesn't just rain - it pours! Literally and figuratively. I have been for two interviews to a very local business (5 minutes away), the last interview being on Wednesday. I didn't hear anything yesterday from them and an HR Consultant who I have been dealing with phoned me yesterday to go to a new interview today with a different firm in Strijdom Park, which is also fairly close for me.

Well I thought the rain of yesterday would be over by today (it wasn't) and the power failure from last night was still a fail by this morning, necessitating some intricate fiddling with hair and clothes which couldn't be ironed but I bit the bullet and went off with Marco this morning. We had to stop at the garage to wipe a water resistant chemical on his windscreen because his wipers are busy giving up and only seem to work when the windscreen is dry not wet! I'm not joking...

Anyway through all these difficulties, I got to the interview venue safe and sound and on time if a little damp. And there was a fat kitty in reception to greet me. They have 3 office cats and these cats seem quite important to them i.e. signs up requesting visitors to be careful when moving their cars, etc.

During the course of my one and a half hour long interview, I saw five people, two of whom I would be working closely with, the general manager and the founding member of the company (general managers mom) and lastly the HR Consultant, the prognosis from all these people being very positive.

When I got home to find the power still off, I received a phone call from the lady at the other local firm where I have been for two interviews to go into their offices and see the other director whom I haven't seen yet on Monday morning at 10am. I confirmed the interview and five minutes later the HR consultant for the firm where I saw the five people today phoned and said the people liked me and wanted to offer me the start on Monday!

So now what to do? Today's job interview is offering less money but on the other hand, they are nice people, its a local firm and its a definite job. The other closer firm is probably more money, also nice people but they haven't offered me the position yet. However it seems positive with me being asked to go in for a third interview. The work here seems to be more senior while at the firm where I went today, the work is secretary to a Manager plus assisting two other ladies.

Advice welcome please...


  1. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush?

    I'd go for the sure thing, especially since you like the people.

  2. I think you will love working where cats are part of the office staff.

  3. Working around cats does sound nice for you. I'm glad either way it looks like you'll get work you'll enjoy out of this.

  4. Louisa - I didnt let that particular bird go just delayed giving them my answer until Monday rather than last Friday. I said I had some things to sort out on Monday. The people are nice at both places.

    Lynette - Too true! And that is a big plus in that particular firm's favour. They even make a point in the interview of establishing that you dont have allergies to cats, etc.

    Griever - Its does sound like either way I'll get to work with good people. Its funny how there has been nothing concrete for ages and now two potentials at the same time..

  5. Hi Momcat, just wanted to say thanks for being my newest Follower! Its always fun to see a new blogger arrive and I'm looking forward to knowing you better! Good luck with the job hunt and choices!

  6. Thanks Susie and welcome to my blog too. I'll update everyone later on how the big job hunt goes off today..