Saturday, March 31, 2012

Earth Hour Musings

Is it only those who aren't doing anything interesting this Saturday night that will be commemorating earth hour from 8.30 to 9.30 pm local time wherever you are. In the opinion of Bradley, we've already stuffed this world up so much that putting off the lights for an hour is not going to make much difference or mean very much at all in the great scheme of things.

I don't think Ive ever commemorated earth hour before, purely because I missed the timing. I probably wasn't doing anything very important at all. This year, I happened to look at the clock and realised that I could probably do it this year (if I get a move on and feed the cats...)

We might make a dent in the electricity consumption of wherever we are but mainly its a symbolic contribution, just as not throwing down a piece of rubbish even though everybody else is throwing things down doesn't seem like an action destined to make much difference but if an attitude or an action of just one person at a time can be changed the difference will begin to be felt slowly and surely. My kids might litter but they will definitely remember that I told them every time not to. They might not turn off the lights this year but they will remember that I did and maybe they will decide to help the environment in some way as they go along.

At the very least, its going to help you to appreciate the easy access to power that we enjoy every day if you have to put off the power in the middle of your Saturday night movie!

Do something for the earth tonight - switch off!

Momcat xx


  1. Very-well-said. I won't go into details but a person was killed in an accident and rather than help, people were taking pictures and posting them on Twitter. The mentality of Humanity has sunk to a point that I don't like... But... As you said, we don't need to join them. We can be more.

  2. I did. I pissed on it when I took the dogs out for their pissfest. It is a nightly bonding thing I have with them. But we did do it in the dark...does that count?

  3. We never have more than single light on at night, and that to navigate through the house. Shrug it's a lifestyle of the cheap and debt free.

    @Griever God damn that is brutal! Hell even in Detroit we never take pictures of the dead, we know that could bring the next bullet our way from the family of the deceased. Karma can be a hard hard row to hoe.

  4. Griever - It seems hard to fathom that people such as these would give a damn about the earth but as long as you, I and the people who care about us and might be influenced by our actions learn to care that means a lot.

  5. Coffeypot - Haha! We all have to do our bit..The thirsty earth thanks you!

  6. Walking Man - Well done on your use of only one light at night. It is my habit to put off lights behind me but those with whom I live dont do the same. Still working on them...True about Karma. Payment does come around in some form or other, whether good or bad!

  7. Oi...I always miss these things. Too busy to know when Earth Hour is...sad isn't it.