Thursday, March 15, 2012

Shock! Horror!..I nearly missed March...

How fast is this year going?

I had a comment on my last post that I'm definitely not posting enough even though I log in most days. Unfortunately, when I am stressed I not only stop eating a lot but my inspiration dries up too.

My bond over my house in Durban was on a three month suspension over the Christmas period but this came to an end at the end of February and I started getting phone calls from the bank for payment. It was decided to sell my old car which I left in Durban and I put an advert on Gumtree. The response was tremendous and it was sold within the week. We managed to pay two months of the bond with the proceeds, which gave me a little breathing room.

There is light at the end of the job hunting tunnel however but nothing finalised yet. Since last week, I have been for two more interviews, both businesses being situated close to home and either one of which could come back with a positive answer.

We went to fetch Brad's ID book yesterday from Home Affairs in Randburg and he is thrilled with it and carries it around with him. I was rather impressed with the speed with which we got the book, only having applied about mid-February. So about a month. Still while we waited for about five minutes yesterday for the person in front of us to finish, one lady was complaining rudely in a loud voice for having had to wait for 20 mins. They should try Home Affairs in Pinetown (KZN) where the average wait is an hour and a half to two hours!

I have been spending some good quality time with Bradley every day while I am waiting for work. We have caught up quite a lot with his homeschooling and are getting into a good daily work routine although Brad gets very distracted by the computer and his phone and anything else he can think of. This method is the only way I can think of to get him through his schooling, where he can work at his own pace and in manageable chunks of work. It may take a while longer than regular school but if he gets there eventually it will all have been worth it. The only sticking point in this is his father who would prefer him to go to regular school and doesn't believe in homeschooling but fortunately for Brad, I'm the one to calls the tune!

The only thing worrying me now is to find a social group for Brad. He would like to play soccer and this would probably help him to meet a few new local friends but to find a local team for him to join is proving a bit difficult. There is soccer coaching but this is a bit expensive and is not really what I want for him. I want a community soccer team in his age group for him to join.

On the 25th March, I will have a table of my knitted toys at a place called The River Deck in Ruimsig. It is a restaurant venue and the craft market is a new venture for them. Brad and I borrowed Robynne's car last Sunday to drive around and hand out some leaflets to advertise this market. We drove along a few suburban streets, basically me driving along slowly with my emergency lights flashing while Brad trotted along zigzagging across the street, in search of postboxes in which to place the leaflets. In Pinetown, everyone has a postbox which makes the job of the postman a little easier I'm sure because he then knows where to place the post! This phenomenon doesn't seem to have caught on in Jhb because only 1 house in 10 seems to have thought to put a postbox at their gate. Maybe they just don't want to receive any bills or maybe they just have all their post emailed to them. Anyway we persevered, only stopping briefly for an icecream and to walk around a pet shop and then gave up for good when the rain came down.

While I write this, rain is pouring down outside, an unknown happening for Johannesburg, or at least since Ive been up here. In KZN we are used to two weeks of rain at a stretch but here, there is a thunderstorm most day, a brief heavy rainfall and then continuing sunny days. Its unusual but also pleasant to have a rainy day today.

Signing off,

Momcat xx


  1. Great to hear from you. And we mistly work from postboxes at the post office - post gets stolen

  2. My DH phoned me a few minutes ago from Sasolburg and he told me it was bucketing down. I am so glad that things look up in the job market. I am trusting for the dream job for you.


  3. Cat - Great to be back. Im sure a lot of people do work with postboxes but Im sure there are many more houses than available postboxes, even so. And why would someone steal someone else's accounts - unless they wanted to pay them! Weird!

    Lynette - It must be all over the region because its really pelting down now. The power was off at our house from last night about 8pm until about 12pm today as well, just to add to our misery. Thank you for your faith and prayers on the job front.