Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dental Hygiene for Dogs!

The dogs stole the old toothbrush out the shower that Robynne keeps there to scrub the concrete sections between the mosaics.

First of all Spider had the toothbrush and Big Bebe was trying to take it away from him. I alerted Bradley to the commotion and he retrieved the toothbrush and gave it to Bebe so he could take a cute photo. He then ended up play brushing everyone's teeth which was quite funny if not at all hygienic! Not that the dogs are overly concerned with any kind of hygiene...

As an aside, I have thoroughly enjoyed these last two weeks before starting work with no more pressure to look at work ads or apply for jobs, just surf the net, blog, knit and just hang out doing nothing much at all.

Momcat xx


  1. It is hey Cat. We have to keep a close eye on the dogs though especially Bebe because not everything they chew up is harmless...!

  2. My two dogs are both 'fixed' and female and the just smell everything but no chewing. However my step-son's has a male 'fixed' dog and he chews everything...I guess because he doesn't have balls to lick.