Friday, October 19, 2012

Fun on Friday...

A cricket had moved into our boardroom at work and every time I walked through the room to get to the other offices, I would hear this little creature chirruping away. Today, after about a week of hearing it, I decided that I would try and rescue it. I tracked it down to a cupboard and as I opened the door, as luck would have it, the cricket also got a fright and started bouncing off the walls. After a bit of bouncing around after it, I managed to grab it and walked through to the other offices with it cupped in my hand to see who I could terrorize..umm, show the cricket to! First of all, the office assistant Meriam who although she cringed, didnt have too much of a reaction. Next through to David, our Accounts Assistant who had just taken a phone call.

I opened my hand a fraction and as he peeped into the little gap, the cricket also sprang out causing David to scoot backwards on his roller chair. Unfortunately, he was kind of stuck because of his phone call but backed away as far as his phone cord would allow him to go while I, almost paralytic with laughter, hunted down the cricket which had sought refuge under his keyboard. I trapped the cricket on David's phone and went to release the cricket in our courtyard garden while David looked on, still wide eyed from his frightening experience although managing to maintain his composure....and conversation.

Got to liven up a slow day somehow...!

Momcat xx


  1. This made me laugh, just picturing it in my head. Thanks for that.

  2. Griever, it was very funny, especially the look on David's face!