Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sticky shoes and other news

Monday morning started well and all was running smoothly until our dog pack decided to attack the newest member of the pack. In the ensuing melee, after I had successfully extracted the victim and lifted him onto a table to escape the snapping jaws of the other dogs, I sustained an injury which I only noticed after the excitement had died down. I had a sore spot on my foot and a spot of blood. It didn't seem serious and I dressed and drove myself and Robynne to work.

Our overseas visitors arrived, two from Denmark and one from Mexico and were settled in to work. Preparations were also underway for a rather unusual birthday party celebration. The widow of the founding member of our company has just celebrated her 100th birthday and since she has been very involved in the company since its inception, this occasion was celebrated at all branches and divisions around the world. The cake and the helium balloons arrived and photographs were taken and during all of these arrangements, my foot became more and more swollen and sore until eventually I couldnt walk anymore without extreme pain and wearing my shoes was an impossibility. I struggled on for the rest of the day but made an appointment to see the doctor on Tuesday.

By Tuesday, my foot was much improved but still swollen and a bit sore. I took Robynne to work and returned home. It was actually rather an enjoyable day because the weather was good and the tetanus injection was absolutely painless. Thanks Doc!

This morning was back to work and we left early again as Robynne had lots of work to complete for month end. I'm actually getting rather addicted to sailing along to work rather than crawling along at a snail's pace and its really worth getting up at 4.30am rather than 5.00am. Bonus is getting to work really early for a relaxed start to the day.

We had to stop to get literally a pre-payday drop of petrol. As I left the petrol station, I drove through a concrete gulley and this bump was enough to tip Robynne's thermoflask upside down and empty streams of coffee...into my shoes! I take my shoes off to drive and this is the second time that the flask has attacked my footwear..

I kept calm though and simply issued terse instructions to Robynne to use whatever means necessary to get my shoes dried out. I thought the driver's seat was supposed to be sacrosant with no interference allowed! Needless to say I wasn't looking forward to putting those shoes on at my destination.

So, eventful week so far. Wonder what the rest of the week has in store for me?

Momcat xx


  1. Oi, I hope the rest of the week has clean shoes

  2. Despite all this, you still kept going. If a person can carry on with an injured foot or wet shoes, I'd bet on them to carry on with anything, regardless what happens.

  3. Cat, is banned from the car!

    Thanks Griever, Im not a person to take one setback and let it affect my life. Those things are all in a day's work.