Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The aftermath of the flood...

When I returned home with Robynne last night, this being the first time since the big mop up after the flood, I was expecting to have a few problems to sort out. Bradley had been collected by his dad to spend a few days at his house because he was a bit tired of the mayhem. I was actually relieved that I could focus on what needed to be done. Apart from the main water having been dried up, chaos still reined.

My bedroom cupboard doors do not close at all now and have to be held closed with rubber bands. The bedroom door itself was obviously not closed firmly by Bradley since it was sticking a bit with the dampness and the dogs had pushed open the bedroom door and gorged themselves on my 10kg bag of dry cat food leaving only a few kgs behind. The sodden mattresses were still in the bedroom and the room was starting to smell. I got changed, poured myself some wine and got stuck in.

The mattresses were manhandled outside and propped up to dry and I started methodically sweeping and mopping from one side of the house to the other side even sweeping the worst of the muck off the patio. I was hoping to focus on the mountain of wet and soiled clothing and bedding but Robynne, after a weekend of relaxing, suddenly decided to do her washing first and I was banned from the washing machine. I worked until about 9.30pm and feel a lot better about how the house and my room in particular are looking and smelling!

Nothing like a flooded house as an incentive to do a bit of spring cleaning...!

Momcat xx

PS About half an hour after I put the mattresses outside to start drying, the rain poured down again so now they have had a good wash. At least I have one mattress to lie on...! :-}


  1. Spring cleaning? I think it is called spring pitching. Call the insurance co and do not mention water or flooding.

  2. Walking Man - We have advised our landlady of the incident as she probably has the house insured. Of our personal belongings, I don't think anything of extreme value has been damaged.

  3. Cat - Thank you. I started to relax once I had made my mattress on the floor up with bed linens and my kitties zoomed in. They were relaxed and it warmed my heart that they knew mom was there to make it all right.

  4. We had extensive flooding in Port Elizabeth. My son had a river ankle deep flowing through his house...so I know just what a mess this can be.

  5. Lynette - Its so awful when it happens. I sympathise with your son and his family.

  6. Hope things are going well. You have quite a job to do there.