Thursday, October 25, 2012

More about Mom

My precious mom was admitted to hospital last week on Sunday. She had an operation on Tuesday. I think she was surprised that she survived the operation, having fully expected not to see the light of day again. Having overcome this hurdle, she was a little more confident and strong. She was also surprised at the cleanliness and hygiene of the hospital, which being a Government hospital, albeit a teaching hospital, she was not expecting to be run very well. The one thing that was extremely noticeable was the huge noise the nursing staff were making talking loudly amongst themselves on the occasions that I phoned Mom. Apparently, that was not the worst noise either. Obviously they think the sick people are all deaf!

Mom recovered in hospital until Friday. Nothing was removed during the operation but the decision was made for mom to start chemotherapy on the following week. She was supposed to stay in the hospital until chemo began but was very tearful and homesick and the doctors issued a 'weekend pass' for her to go home and report back this Monday past. She was supposedly due to start chemo on Tuesday and had built up the anticipation of this event so that she was extremely anxious and fearful. However, nothing has happened yet apart from an internal examination and another scan. One rather worrying thing that happened was that Mom was almost given a whole lot of medication including something for a heart ailment and almost discharged by mistake before the nursing staff discovered that all that was meant for another patient...Luckily she hadn't taken any of the medication. No names on the meds or the beds...!?

Mom managed to persuade the doctor in charge of her case that she needed to leave the hospital again yesterday as it is her birthday today and she wanted to be at home with her family and friends. She has this way of getting her own way, has my Mommy...!

So Happy Happy 70th Birthday, my precious Mom. May God grant you many more years to spend with your family. I love you. xxxxxx

Momcat xx

PS When I phoned just now to wish my mom for her birthday, dad answered the phone and said mom had a tea party in full swing with lots of her friends over to celebrate. Go Mom..!


  1. Oh how cute! A tea party in full swing. Yes....Go Mom!

  2. Happy Big Seven OH to mom. And I hope she weathers the chem in good spirits and comes out the other end well.

  3. Birthday congratulations to your precious Momsy!

  4. Happy birthday to your mom. I really hope she had a good time. I was going to ask after her, but I thought you would tell us in good time, like you have. So thank you. Still thinking of you through all of this.

  5. Annette - Definitely, no one can (tea)party harder than my mom...and all organised at short notice in her usual expert way.

    Coffey - Thank you. As long as she has her family encouraging her, Im sure mom will cope. She's also a very strong person. She sometimes just needs to be reminded of it.

    Sparkle - Thank you so much. She is very precious.

    Griever - Thanks my friend. Really appreciate you very much.

  6. After having been in every single hospital within 30 miles and a couple in other cities (hey I ain't clumsy, it's other people) all I can say is you want the one that serves the wealthiest areas of wherever you one know just how rich or poor you are so they treat everyone like Daddy Warbucks.

    Good health to your mom!

  7. Happy birthday to her - and a good full recovery

  8. Happy birthday to your mom and wishing her a full recovery.