Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Life carries on....

aka Update on the Home Front.
The older boys got over their issues, thankfully by the next day. We had a low key weekend, basically just lazing round. We have a large quantity of wood which is basically just offcuts from the garage and old furniture and we had a couple of bonfire evenings. We have dismantled an old tumbledrier and use the inside drum as a fire drum. My car still has an oil leak and Greg is battling to fix it. He will come round again tonight to try. We are hoping to beat the problem tonight. In the meantime the extremely hot weather is not helping.
Friend 'S' still spent the weekend and didn't hear back from the restaurant about coming into work. He still hadn't heard by about midday on Monday and Dael was going to walk him home and then pick up Brad from school but then I heard back from Dael later that it was too hot to walk and fetch Brad and 'S' wasn't going home as he had received a phone call from the restaurant to say that he had to come in to work the next morning at 8am. I am just waiting to hear the positive news that he has signed his contract and received his uniform, then I will be satisfied.
Workwise, my office is situated uphill about 8kms from where I live and close to Brad's new school. The company has decided to relocate about 25kms in the opposite direction, right down to Durban in the sticky coastal heat and slapbang in the middle of an area of horrible traffic jams. The office will be a lot closer to where some of the employees live but they have been commuting ever since the company was established. The important thing is that the offices are really close to home for the new directors so that has been a big deciding factor, we feel, on the decision as to where to move to. I probably won't be able to commute due to the increased fuel required and as my car is so old. So from May I will probably be in the job market again after 6 years with this company. I am using this interim time effectively however and am applying for positions as soon as I see them. So who knows what will happen. Hopefully I will find myself in a much better situation than I am now. Sometimes we are pushed in a certain direction which looks negative but turns out to be positive.
My ex was telling me last night that he is thinking of returning to our area as he is battling in Gauteng. He went up with nothing but has since accumulated another houseful of belongings. If he should return, I don't know where he would go with all his stuff and this would be too much of an upheaval for the whole family. They stayed with me for two years before going up to Gauteng and he went up a full six months before his 'girlfriend' and two little daughters, leaving me to be mom and taxi everyone around. It was a big strain and I am still getting rid of his junk i.e. the wood in the garage. So, I am discouraging him from giving up as I think that there is still only work for him in the area where he is now. Kwazulu Natal is very quiet for artisans and craftsmen. Not so much money to spend on kitchen and bedroom cupboards down here.
Oh and Robynne's bunny, Hoppie, who had her eye removed is bouncing back and recovering well. Animals don't dwell on their disabilities. I have learnt that from my cats. They just accept how they are and carry on. We can learn a lot from them.


  1. Yay for the bunny :)

    Good luck with the job hunting, perhaps it will signal a fresh start with new oppertunities.

  2. Shew...you do have a good heart..taking in the ex, girlfriends and children included. I somehow don't think I would ever be able to do it.

    Good luck with the job hunting...hope you get the car fixed soon.

  3. We certainly can learn a lot from animals. So glad bunny is ok!
    That is sucky news about work relocation man :(

  4. I'm very glad the bunny is coping well. I hope you'll find a better work opportunity soon, I think you deserve it.

  5. I like your thinking sometimes we pushed or forced and it turns out amazing! I sure am praying that is the case for you!

    I agree with Lynette you a better person than me I couldn't take in ex and his kids, and I sure hope you don't do it again, you don't need that extra strain!

    Glad bunny is bouncing again!

    Have a wonderful day!


  6. That Girl - Thanks. I'm also hoping for a better salary. Hold thumbs!

    Lynette - Thanks. Sometimes I just feel obliged to do things. Sometimes its about being the only person who can help at the time.

    Forever Feline - The work relocation is horrible because we are in a garden setting at the moment. Sometimes change makes no sense!

    Jientjie - Thank you for your support. I am sure that I will find a suitable position.

    Lulu - I don't think I will be able to take in another family again. I have committed to a couple of Dael's friends once they are employed. There seem to be a couple of boys looking for lodging so my house will be full - and I'll be getting rent!

  7. Ah, sucks about the office move, that’s really shirty.

  8. Momcat, When I was listening to coverage of the Olympics, one commentator noted that for most of us, just making it through another day is a Gold Medal performance! You certainly deserve Gold.