Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The duties of a mom

Dael received a call back this afternoon from the training officer at the Adventure Group where he attended the Intro Morning a couple of weeks ago (remember the dirt road we had to go along). Anyway this chap wants Dael to go on a camp to their venue near the Tugela River from Wednesday until Friday. Obviously Dael is keen to go. The one catch is that I have to get Dael down to their office in Durban by 6.30am tomorrow morning. Their office should be easy enough to find but its 23kms from our house. Now lazy me would like to say: No way. I'm not going to drive all that way at that time of the morning and then still come home and get Brad and myself ready for school and work. But realistic me knows that this is just part of my duties at a parent. Its what I signed up for 22 years ago when I became a mom. Not just the good stuff but also the bad stuff, not only the comfortable and comforting duties but also the irritating and time-consuming duties which take me out of my comfort zone and my routine. Its these duties which make it so sweet when your child eventually becomes self-sufficient and independent, with their own finances and vehicles. If we didn't have to go through this time, it would mean nothing to us when our kids get to that stage that they take off from the runway and begin to soar. Robynne is flying. She has her problems and challenges but mostly she is gaining altitude, making decisions and moving ahead. At the moment Dael is spinning his wheels, turning in different directions but soon he will get his break in life and there will be no holding him back.


  1. You have just got to love them...during the good and the bad. Just think, one day when they are parents...they will remember what you did and actually be thankful:)

  2. And to think, I've only started out. I am 1 year and 5 months into it (but loving every sleep deprived minute of it)

  3. Oh yes, so right girl. So you are up very early tomorrow? Think of me - our wake up time currently is about 4:45 am. Heaven knows why Little man L thinks it is an appropriate time.

  4. Lynette - Too true but I think they will only come to realise what it takes to be a parent when they become parents themselves, as we also came to find out.

    Spear - Cherish each and every moment because they pass so fast.

    Cat - I was up early and not just because of Dael. Little man L is obviously a very early bird. I'm usually the earliest bird in our family.