Monday, March 8, 2010

I do so hate a mystery!!

And that's how I started my day and the mystery may never be solved. It goes like this...
I had fallen asleep on the couch during the Sunday night tv movie but woke up for the end and decided to move to bed. I was fully awake by then because I still had to clear a load of clean washing off the bed and change into something more comfortable to sleep in. I went back to the lounge to fetch my cell phone which was still lying on the couch. I popped the phone next to my pillow and settled down under the cover to read my library book. After a while I nodded off and when Brad came through to the room he snapped off the light which woke me again but I soon nodded off. I woke again at 3am and not finding my cellphone, assumed it had fallen off next to the bed. I got up and wandered through to the lounge to look at the clock there. I decided it was too early to get up and went back to bed until 4.45am. At that time I started scrabbling on the floor next to the bed in the dark, feeling under my pillow - nothing - no phone. I then got up and put on the light for a more thorough search - nothing. I pulled out the bed and looked under the bedside cabinet - nothing. I started to stress. I went to bed with my phone next to my pillow and wake up to - no phone. I ended up waking up Bradley to ask him if he had taken my phone after I had gone to sleep to go on mxit. He denied taking my phone and Dael also knew nothing about it. Then I started to question my own sanity. Had I in fact taken the phone through to the bedroom or had I left it in the loung on the couch. I discovered a window left open behind the couch. The boys know to close all windows but this one was obscured by the curtain. They had left the living room light on. Maybe someone sneaking round outside at night had discovered the open window and the phone on the couch. Its easy to see when the light is left on! No - I'm adamant that I went back to the lounge and returned to the bedroom with my phone. The dogs sleep in my room, one on either side of the bed and I know that anyone entering my room during the night would have caused the animals to react.
So now my deduction is that cellphones are developing little arms and legs and going off on social jaunts during the night. Maybe my cellphone had a little too much to drink and not being able to find its way home, lay down somewhere to sleep it off. Maybe I'll go home tonight to find it happily lying next to my pillow again, having reabsorbed its little arms and legs.
Needless to say all the stressing and turning the house upside down wasted a lot of time and made Bradley late for school. I ended up bringing an old secondhand basic phone of my mom's to work with me just so that I can be got hold of in an emergency.
The weekend had at least one eventful moment as well. Saturday early morning, my mom woke me up with an sms to say she was on her way to fetch me. This was 5am. We had made an arrangement earlier in the week that I and my brother would go with our parents up to the local Farmers' Market where they have booked a stall for the month of March. Dad is selling his plants and mom her craft. The rather large gazebo they have purchased is of the concertina variety and needs 2-3 people to put it up and take it down. Mom is too short and I thought it might be a nice outing. 5am though! On a Saturday! Anyway the weather was good and dad made a few sales. At about 11am mom dropped me back home and I took Dael out to get a little part for the other car which he is fixing up. All the way across town to the CV joint workshop. They gave him the part for free and we went back home. He worked on the car and declared it fixed.
That night he wanted to go to the local nightclub, 54, and I gave him money for it. He left but soon returned saying that the car's petrol light had come on. I gave him R10 for petrol and this time friend 'S' decided to go with him. I was settling down to watch the movie when 'S' came on mxit to say 'The car is broken again'. Oh no and Dael uses my car's battery when he uses the other car. I couldn't go help. Luckily they had just gone down my road and turned right into the main road when the same clip broke again. I was stressing and standing at my door staring out down onto the dark road when I saw a small figure trudging along. 'That's one of them' I told Bradley. Eventually Dael arrived carrying the heavy car battery all the way from where the car broke down to home. He placed the battery back in my car and reluctantly I drove both my boys back to where 'S' was waiting with the car. Now everyone knows my car has had its share of problems lately. Poor car is just okay now and its expected to tow a car bigger than it home. Bradley wasn't impressed at that idea because he was worried about the car but I said 'Lets just do it'. Dael attached a piece of nylon rope he had found in the garage and I engaged gear. Now my car, being an automatic has two 'pulling' gears which don't change to another gear automatically. I used this gear and just went slowly. After a bit of bouncing to start with, it soon settled into a smooth movement. As we went uphill, Bradley and 'S' pushed the towed car to help my car with its task. We were soon home, luckily not encountering any other vehicles while we were in the road. It was 10.30pm. Dael untied the rope and I drove up the driveway. He took out the speakers and the radio face and left the other car parked across our driveway for the night. On Sunday when we had to leave our drive, Dael and Brad with me steering had to push the car back down a little slope onto the road and then aim me to the verge which has quite a high kerb. They pushed as fast as they could and I bumped hard onto the kerb. Dael kept shouting 'Turn turn' but I knew what I was doing as I always used to park on that kerb when I first bought the house. I had a VW Beetle then that had bad brakes and I couldn't drive up my hill. The driving up wasn't the problem, the coming down would have been. So I was quite familiar with that kerb...
At least I know now that my car can tow another car. I live and learn.


  1. Mystery that phone! I once thought one was stolen, to discover month later in Hunter's apron pocket - deposited by a 2 year old.

  2. How weird! Did you try calling your number from one of the boys phones?

  3. how odd...I agree, try calling it from another phone.

    and love that you got the tow going. Visiting from kat's blog bc your blog name is my mom's nickname. :) Momcat. love it.

  4. I've got nothing new to add....I'd also thought that you should call your phone and see what happens.

    My mother always used to say, "Well, it just didn't get up and walk away."

    It does make you wonder...

  5. I was also going to ask if you tried calling it from another phone, sometimes I move things in my sleep, maybe you did that too, or it fell behind the bed or something.

    Is the farmers market the one in Cassia Road? I'm planning on waking up at 4am one Saturday and going, is it worth it?? Are there lots of fresh homegrown veggies etC?

  6. Cat - That must have been so frustrating to find that phone again probably after you had already replaced it with a new phone.

    FF and Jennymac - I had tried calling the phone but the battery doesnt last too long and usually dies overnight if not plugged in. And the towing... If you're a single mom, its just one of many things you have to do yourself when it needs doing.

    Kathryn - Believe me, I was doing a lot of wondering that day and hoping that it was still somewhere in the room.

    Anon - I think that is the farmers market in Cassia. Its further on from the mushroom place. And yes it is worth it. There lots of fresh everything - cake, cheese, meat, veg, bread - all homemade and organic. Its a very big market. We only got there at about 5.30 but some had been there since early since they were all set up. Worth a trip anyway.

    Spear - I don't think aliens would want our technology unless for their museum but the thought did cross my mind!