Monday, March 15, 2010

I'm too independent and it ends up with broken glass...

Sunday was a rainy and chilly day in Kwazulu Natal and after tidying up the house, I sat down to read a book and watch some tv. By mid afternoon, I had had enough of sitting around and decided to tackle my room. I hadn't rearranged the furniture or cleaned under the bed since last year some time and my room was frustrating me. It isn't very big and the bed takes up most of the room. Added to that are two sets of built in cupboards. I decided that my kist would have to relocate to the living room. My kist was my gift by request from my parents on my 21st birthday and will always be part of my furniture but sometimes its difficult to find a place for it - where it also won't be destroyed by cats and kids. The boys were watching wrestling and I didn't want to disturb them and besides I'm independent. So I dragged the kist (filled with all my family photos and rather heavy) out of my room. I also dragged out a box of files and my expanding file with all my paperwork and my laundry basket. This left room for me to tip the queen size mattress and the base on to their side and I could then tackle the huge amount of dust which had accumulated under the bed. I called on Dael once to pull the mattress toward the door, this being the heaviest item but when the time came for the mattress to be pulled in the opposite direction, I tried to do it on my own. The mattress fell against the base which tipped and one of the wooden feet of the base shattered a pane of glass. Luckily the window is a type made up of small panes of glass in a crisscross framework and I only broke the one. It left a small hole with cracks radiating outwards. So Dael was called once again. "What are you trying to do?" Well I'm not trying to break glass but that's what I'm accomplishing. Crazy mother, always disturbing the furniture with her cleaning antics. I'm the bane of their lives.
So the bedroom is changed around, the curtains are changed and the window pane is stuck with transparent contact paper until it can be replaced. A good afternoon's work indeed!


  1. They complain when you ask them for help and they complain when you try do things by yourself and some collateral damage should occur. You just can't win, can you?

  2. We tend to try and be too independent - get them to help!

  3. You'll put your back out, nevermind the window!

  4. HT - I'd love it if my boys complained about me doing everything by myself but no that doesn't really happen. To be fair, Dael didn't really moan about helping me. Its me that didn't ask. I'm squarely to blame for this one.

    Cat - Dael does help if I ask. I wish I didn't have to ask every time though. Bradley is still full of lazy bones and if someone else is doing the job he doesn't really mind.

    Hardspear - My back should be okay. I'm pretty flexible probably because I do challenge myself physically. I dont want to become an old crock as I get older so I keep active.