Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Insy Winsy was hitching a ride!

The other day driving Brad to school, I hadn't gone more than a few hundred metres down the road when Brad pointed out a jumping spider on my steering column. I couldn't stop at that stage as I had cars in front and behind me and there was nowhere to pull off. I was trying to avoid Insy Winsy jumping on to me while still keeping my car on the road. The spider ran up the indicator arm, then jumped on the steering wheel. I kept moving my hands out the way while Brad kept up a running commentary as to the whereabouts of the spider. Eventually thank goodness, I managed to pull off into a bus rank and encouraged Insy to jump onto an old envelope and then out the car. Phew! The traffic is enough early morning excitement for me...

My car seems to have stopped its major oil and water leaks for now. The next things on which to concentrate are the totally broken front shock absorbers and the bald back tyres. Every time I see the traffic police pulling cars off in an early morning traffic check, I just hold my breath and try and look innocent. A friend of Dael's whose father drives a very old bakkie just had his vehicle pulled off the road as unroadworthy. I don't need that to happen to me. I am taking my car in this afternoon to get new shocks and front tyres. Its going to cost but I would rather spend the money on replacing these items than on a traffic fine!

Brad seems to be developing his problems with school again. He is getting sick and twice the school have phoned me to fetch him early, the last occasion being yesterday. Now I don't like to fetch from school unless there are definite symptoms of illness like vomiting or fever. It was only an hour until school finished for the day and I had already taken time off work to get Dael to an interview that morning. I told them to keep him until the day was over.

I had taken Dael that earlier on Monday for an interview as an Adventure Instructor. The venue is situated on the far end of the local industrial park which gives way to virgin bush and to get there entails a bundu bash along a corrugated dirt road for about 3kms. That short distance never felt so long before especially as it is also the road to the local stone quarry and trucks race along the same road to get pick up their loads with choking dust clouds as they pass. Obviously they were passing as I wasn't driving very fast with my bad shocks. It was a short interview/training session as there were only 3 young men who turned up. I left Dael there to return to work and luckily he managed to get a lift back to my work with one of the other young chaps from the interview.

While the caller from the school was on the line to me, the line was distorted but I still managed to gather from what this lady was saying that Brad's math teacher is worried about him and he doesn't seem to be coping. Then when I asked her what the problem is, she didn't know who the teacher is but said she would find out and get her to phone me. She hasn't done so yet but I will be sending a little note through to her very shortly. He ended up staying at home yesterday complaining of feeling nauseous. So the drama begins....

Robynne's bunny that had its eye removed is still on antibiotics for an infection in that same wound. And unbeknown to either the vet or Robynne, the little thing was pregnant because what did she do on Monday night during the night but go and give birth to 5 little babies. So Robynne's little bunny family has increased in size dramatically. I think she will probably find homes for them in due course though.


  1. You really have so much on your plate. It is just horrible when our children are so unhappy at school (for whatever reason) that they feel sick. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your loved ones.

  2. Phew! I'm exhausted for you. Have to say that the incident with the spider gave me the horrors [I'm phobic] And the school thing is a real worry isn't it? Hoping it all becomes clearer with time...

  3. Hey Momcat! That spider may have been a version of a whole new kind of advanced driving :)
    Holding thumbs re job, school and bunny!
    p.s how are YOU?

  4. I often used to find geckos hitching a ride with us in Dbn. Never a spider though.

    Hope the car's doing better with its new parts?

  5. Lynette - Thank you for your prayers. If I had less on my plate I probably wouldn't know what to do with myself. :) It is horrible going through these school problems with my boys but I might have known it still wouldn't be smooth sailing. This is about the time (end of first term) that problems first start rearing their heads.

    Moannie - Sorry about the phobia. I dont really have a problem with spiders as long as they stay in their place and don't invade mine. The school thing is not going to go away any time soon but will just have to tackle each issue head on as it occurs.

    Forever - Too true! It was taking a lot of concentration to avoid the spider and still stay on the road. I am fine. Thanks for asking. I sometimes feel a bit down but the next day I get my positivity back. Thank goodness.

    Tamara - I don't think the geckos would make it to my car as I dont park in the garage and they would have to run the barrage of all the cats to get to the car. I think the spiders like all the dust in my car. :)