Monday, June 14, 2010

I need to borrow a referee!

My two boys just cannot agree to disagree. Dael being 20 is constantly opinionated about everything. This wasn't a problem until fairly recently as I'm a non-argumentative person but now Bradley at 14 has started becoming opinionated too! And I'm caught in the middle.
The topic of soccer has become a big arguing point. Bradley waxes lyrical about various players and Dael has a rude response to this. Dael debates a point of play and Bradley has a difference of opinion about this. They had an increasingly heated debated about the ball being called 'offside' during play between the West Germany and Australian teams last night until I called halt. I think Bradley just disagrees with Dael to rile him up deliberately.
Yesterday afternoon's game between Algeria and Slovenia was trundling along uneventfully and Bradley was playing around with his soccer ball in the lounge area, not particularly concentrating on the somewhat boring game but when Dael changed the channel at half time and refused to put the game back on afterwards, Bradley was mortally wounded and all hell broke loose. He ended up in the bedroom, packing his clothes in a bag to go stay at granny's house because she has a few tv sets and he would be able to watch the games uninterrupted. He slammed around drawing attention to his irritation with his brother threatening him from time to time with physical violence. Eventually I was threatening them both with violence!
I was settled in as it was a bit chilly but I hauled myself up and got changed and took Bradley down to my parents. I visited with my parents and Brad went into the guestroom to watch the Ghana vs Slovenia game in splendid isolation. He soon lost interest in this also somewhat humdrum game and after donning his new soccer boots and grabbing his soccer ball, went off to kick the ball around in gran's neighbours big yard. I went to peep at him a few minutes later to check if he was okay and he spotted me spotting him and gave a casual wave while he kicked his ball up and down the yard, showing everyone how proper soccer players do it!
When it was time to go, gran said 'Yes, Brad could stay over" and then proceeded to list the various rules and regulations surrounding Staying At Gran's House. He thought about it and then decided that no, he would go home with me. Haha, there's nowhere like home where you are used to the way things are done.
So last night I stayed awake to watch the big game between Germany and Australia but after the 4th goal scored by Germany against Australia, I decided that sleep was the better option. One thing I'll say about Germany apart from the fact that they are like a well-oiled machine, at least they know where the net is. A lot of the other teams kick way over the net. A pair of rugby posts would probably be more appropriate!


  1. Hehehe... I think anyone with a teenager in the house may need a ref from time to time ;-)

  2. I do not miss having a posse of teenagers living with us. That is the way it goes.

  3. Tamara - Too true. I'm the eldest of four kids but I used to be a master of escaping the madness and closing my bedroom door on the fighting. I'm not allowed to do that anymore!

    Lynette - You've got to know about it with two boys. TMT - Too Much Testosterone!

    Lisa - Its going to take me some time to get used to the quiet when (if) my boys ever leave home. I'll probably think I've gone deaf.