Thursday, June 17, 2010

To do or not to do..

Always a dilemma on a day off. I wake early as is my habit now. My body clock doesn't know its a holiday. :) So I hit the lounge with a cup of coffee and a blankie for a good dose of girly tv programmes. I can only watch these in peace when the boys are asleep. I had my knitting and my library book to hand. Get comfy, too early to feed the cats. And then it starts - the invasion of the cats. All the orange kittens - Toby, Pixie and Dusty and their older siblings, Lovey and Boy (Ninja), then the whites - Sabrina and Bitsy. Sometimes my big orange tomcat Charlie comes and zones in and sits on everyone amid meows of protest, forcing himself into prime position. They lie on me up to just under my chin. I try to knit around the furries, often having to pull my wool out from under the bodies. One or the other of the kitties will get interested in the knitting and pull on the wool or bite the needles. I sit until I go numb from not being allowed to move and then I throw everyone off.
I knitted and watched tv for a long time yesterday. Boring for some but for me a day with nowhere to go is a day of bliss.
Dael and 'S' were sitting outside midmorning warming up in the sun. 'Mom, come quick', he called me. There's no such thing as quick with the slumbering cats on my lap. As I try to dislodge them, they are startled coming out of sleep and cling on like multiple brooches. Dael wanted to show me a flock of redwing Starlings chasing a Hawk away from their tree. I missed it...
I only got up from the couch to clean the house at about midday, so I had a good dose of vegetating yesterday.
Last night, watching the soccer and counting stitches, I came to a wet length of wool, which I was just about to knit into my work. What the heck! No, Joe! I realised that old man Joe had been licking the kittens and had licked my piece of wool too. So: dislodge the cats, take my knitting to the bathroom to wash the wool and dry it, getting cold in the bargain, the cats taking my place on the couch - Really! No one wants a woollen item with catlick on it! Joe is now my oldest cat at 9 years (10 in October) but he can be irritating. He must lick himself and everyone else in the vicinity until they are damp before he settles.. Usually I encourage him to find a place in one of the cardboard boxes I have on the counter for the Winter. These are warm nests for the kitties with the weather being unusually cold at the moment.
This morning, back to work. My car wouldn't start from last night already due to its 'problem' and I couldn't go to the shop. This morning, there was still a problem and Dael used the scooter to go to the shop for bread and then to pick up the spare car battery which was being charged at my parents place. I eventually got to work at about 9.15am and then our IT guy arrived with my ADSL router which operates my phone and internet and he also brought the photocopier allocated to me which scans and photocopies, so I'm connected and online and all is good..
And tomorrow is Friday! (Every week should have a midweek break. :)


  1. Thank goodness for Friday!

  2. Cat - It felt like a Wednesday morning so I was quite glad when I realised that no it actually was Friday. Yay!

  3. Love your descriptive writing just take us along for the ride;-D

    It has been so cold in PE this week that I ended up working only 3 good to be married to the boss;-D

  4. Lynette - Thank you and its a pleasure. I like to draw word pictures. Thats a good perk of being married to the boss - getting to stay off work and stay warm. Luckily though for all our cold weather, I'm sure KZN is still the warmest province. :)

  5. A day or two vegetaing is a good thing..right??
    Your cats really love you, so sweet.
    Enjoy the weekend

  6. Hope the weekend goes well for you!

  7. Getting licked by a kitten (or cat) is kind of funny. But wool getting licked...hmm...I remember a cat I had that loved to drink photos I developed in the photo shop (back when we did that-before digital). They develop odd habits.

  8. Suz - Vegetating was very good for me. And my kitties are my babies.

    Draven - Welcome! The weekend was kind of okay..

    Susan - I think the wool was just in the way - and it is kind of furry.. Cats do eat funny things and sometimes it causes them a trip to the vet but we try to avoid that if we can.