Friday, June 4, 2010


Bradley finished exams yesterday and I decided, for his sanity and mine to let him stay at home today. I have had one of my headaches (caused by neck tension) since Wednesday and painkillers don't help.
Tomorrow, Brad has to be at school by 7.45am in full school uniform for the very popular Derby Day. It is a day of matches between Brad's school and the other local high school, Hillcrest High, where the two schools compete against each other in rugby, netball, cricket and chess, of all things. So Brad, being in grade eight will probably be roped in as a helper. I will hang around and take it easy. The older boys will also come up at their leisure because the day is also a very popular social event for ex pupils. Dael used to go to Hillcrest High and also knows a lot of kids that currently go to Kloof High. It looks like being a perfect fun day. The weather is great at the moment too for something like this, with sunny days not too hot and no rain predicted.
Brad is counting down to the soccer world cup kick off games and now that the exams are over and breakup is next week, he is in Utopia. I can probably kiss tv viewing goodbye for the duration as I anticipate nonstop soccer watching. I'll just have to go and get a new set of library books to keep myself occupied.
Oh and Brad persuaded his dad to let him have some money for a pair of soccer boots as he is planning on playing soccer at school next term so we'll probably be soccer boot shopping on Sunday. I keep teasing Brad that I had to use the money for groceries. He is not impressed when I say that. "You're joking!" "Are you joking?" I think he'll be relieved when he's holding them in his hand.
In between, I plan on getting lots of fresh air and sunshine and on getting rid of this blight of a headache that's been hanging around for a few days.


  1. Soccer fever everywhere! I really hope you feel better soon.

  2. Cat - Thank you. I've still got the pain in my neck, shoulder and back but at least the headache is gone.