Friday, June 11, 2010

Memorable Friday....

What a memorable day it is today and not just because I actually managed to blog again. I seem to have developed a little bit of Winter brainfreeze.
By the time I left the house this morning, the boys were up and snuggling under duvets in the lounge in front of a hot tv, waiting to inhale all things soccer. I had heard a vuvuzela player warming up since before light this morning and even now as I write, this sound can be heard in the distance. It is the anthem of day and everyones connection to the game.
I have been slowly settling into my new office this week and its starting to feel like home. It has been a bit hard to actually work what with the schools closing for the end of second term and the soccer around the corner. Our offices close at 2pm this afternoon in honour of the opening game and so that everyone can get to wherever they will be watching the game in good time. I'm stopping at the library on my way home to stock up on new books but I will definitely be watching at least some of the main games. Bradley waxes lyrical about the abilities of various international players. He seems so knowledgeable about their abilities. He has developed a great interest in the game and he cant wait for the actual play to begin.
I woke from my slumbers last night in the lounge in time to catch some of the World Cup concert and although I enjoyed a lot of it I felt the continuity was sadly lacking. In between acts and as the next act was setting up, out would stumble a few soccer players, seeming unrehearsed and looking around for the teleprompter. They would mumble a few lines and stumble off the stage again before the next act was ready, leaving the audience hanging. Where was the MC. Isn't this country full of excellent comedians who would have been able to 'interview' the soccer players for a minute or so and provide smooth running entertainment. Would this kind of thing be seen at the Oscars? It just felt amateurish to me. The boys enjoyed Shakira and I felt the drummers were good but the audience didn't even clap... Very weird considering the amount of money which must have been spent to set up this event, just on the fireworks at the end of the show alone. These were very good and well choreographed. I wish I didn't have to be critical but we have had a few years to plan this.
Roll on, the soccer and good luck to all the players.


  1. Being English (more like being ignorant) I didn't know what a Vuvuzela was. In my countries match against the USA it added to tension of the game, with the sound of the English drums and trumpets the atmosphere must have been electric. I won't forget what a vuvuzela is. Your country is doing a great job as hosts.

  2. Cat - Thanks, we all are. The game is starting to make a little more sense to me.

    Griever - Thank you. We managed to pull it together. We are enjoying having all our international visitors here too. Our country is very colourful at the moment.