Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I'm still alive...

What a couple of weeks these have been. Last week was spent packing up the building we were occupying in preparation for the move. My office was packed up by the previous Friday and I had packed the walk-in stationery cupboard but come Monday the whole 'coffee shop' had not been packed yet. I spent the better part of the afternoon wrapping and packing crockery into boxes. There was so much to pack and several of our former staff members had left the company already, also leaving all their paperwork and files to be packed with out tealady/cleaner choosing this very busy time to develop a medical problem which entailed her leaving the company without packing anything. By Wednesday, I felt totally deflated and it was a major triumph just to be able to process my weekly payments through to the accounts department. By Thursday afternoon, I had moved to my new offices and was trying to unpack and find everything I needed.
I'm now on a 3G card for internet and emails and I have a temporary phone set up called a Telular phone from Telkom which is basically a cellphone contact which works through a plugin deskphone. I have moved this phone as close to the window as I can because I have discovered that the concrete over my head is playing havoc with the signal and I keep getting cut off from my callers. Oh well, it will only be temporary as we have an ADSL line on order with Telkom.
In between all this chaos, Bradley has been writing exams from last week Monday and finishes at odd times. Last week he was finishing at 2pm as he was writing two exams a day and this week he finishes by 10am as he only writes one a day. So I virtually just get to work and then have to leave again to fetch him. The longer the exams drag on as well, the worse he gets at studying. He is losing momentum. Fortunately only two more exams and then break up again next week.
Just to add to the excitement, my car joins in with more hassles. It has been battling to start in the mornings. Not enough petrol getting through to start the car. Could be carburettor problems. Yesterday, I cranked the car enough to flatten the battery and had to phone my father to get Brad to school for his exam. Then dad had to come back with jumper cables and help me to jumpstart my car. Nothing like a bit of stress like that to start the week off, I say!
The one good thing is that I am on my own in this office now. The rest of the staff have moved to the Riverhorse Valley office from Monday of this week and are all crammed in there like sardines (if some of the comments are to be believed). I will go down with my boss today to process my payments and see what the place looks like. My little office is like a peaceful haven though and I'm glad I had the opportunity to move here.
I'm settling down and sorting out and should be able to keep in contact a bit more now that the Big Move is done and dusted.


  1. Wow, tough times. I really hope you have an easier week.

  2. I hope things settle down for you now, but you always come through without complaint. I admire that about you.

  3. Cat - Thanks. My week was a bit slower and thankfully the school hols are upon us.

    Hardspear and Almighty Spear - Thanks for all the support. Moving was a pain and my office is still not settled. It'll come right though and I'm grateful that I've got this new office still in the same are and have some breathing space to plan my next move.

    Griever - I hope so too. I would like to say I dont complain but I cannot lie. I'll have to refer you to my kids. They have their own story about my complaining! :) However I do come through. They say what doesn't kill you makes you tough!

  4. So glad you're back...I missed your posts;-D