Thursday, September 17, 2009

Great things ahead!

I wanted to put the update on my daughter in a separate post. I didn't just want to tag it on at the end of my previous post although it was the final big happening of the week.
She applied for a job in Gauteng as she is very keen to move up there. As it happens, the directors of that company had to visit Cape Town for an exhibition and arranged for Robynne to meet them at the exhibition after hours. She had a very relaxed interview, feeling totally at ease with them as they were easy going and jokey kind of guys. She was asked to return the next evening to meet another staff member and to hear a bit more about the job. That was last week.
This week she was waiting impatiently and eagerly to hear from the company and eventually she did - with good news. The company wanted to fly her to Gauteng for the weekend to see their offices and meet their staff on a working day and then fly her back again - at their cost. She phoned me after work on Tuesday, laughing with joy and so excited. Final arrangements having been made yesterday, she will be winging her way to Gauteng at 7pm to land at 9pm. She will be met by her best friend from her school days who is already working up there and with whom she is staying for the weekend. She will spend the day at the host company's offices and hopes to find out by the end of the weekend that her employment with them is confirmed. She will also get to see her dad and her two half-sisters and their mom.
I am just very happy for her as she has been through a stressful time lately and its hard for me to know my daughter is battling and be too far away to help much. I told her to rely on God totally as he has her future in his hands and this is proving to be the case. If we just Let Go and Let God - take over our lives we will see that things fall into place.


  1. Good luck to your daughter and the same to Bradley as well. Sounds like life might settle down a bit now.

  2. I'm pleased for you and her. I'm sure everything will be ok.

  3. Hope Robynne gets the job! She'll need advance warning about the traffic though. It is the bane of our lives up here.

  4. Dan - Thanks for your good wishes. I want my family to be happy and settled. With the ADD issues it is difficult for peace to reign for long, but I know people whose children have even worse problems than mine do and I'm grateful for my kids and my life.

    Griever - Good to hear from you and thanks for your good wishes. My kids have got an underlying strength and the desire to improve. Sometimes it takes a while but I know they will be fine.

    Spear - We are under the impression that it is probably a done deal from their side because who pays for someone from another province to travel to see them if they haven't already chosen her. Will keep you posted. I spoke to her today and she is already shell-shocked about the traffic!

  5. Gret news! O and enjoy the new office!!

  6. Thanks Lulu - She's having the all important meeting with the head honchos after lunch today, Friday afternoon and I hope it will be fantastic news for her. And I am enjoying the new office with my door closed and the sound of muted voices on the other side. Bliss!