Friday, September 18, 2009

She got the job!

My daughter now has a new job in Gauteng to move up to. New beginnings and new challenges!
She arrived in Gauteng at 9.00pm on Thursday night and was met by her friend, T as well as her dad and half sisters and their mom.
After hugs and kisses all round, she was whisked away by her friend. This morning she and T first went to T's workplace and then Robynne used T's car to travel to her new place of work. After spending some time at the company being introduced to everyone, they made her lunch and then she went in for her big meeting. And she was officially offered the job.
She is extremely happy and relieved that she can now move to Gauteng as an employed person which will mean she is now closer to more of her family and will still be able to pay her bills!
Now for the arrangements to get her car and her belongings up from Cape Town. For now though she is visiting with her friend tonight and her dad and sisters tomorrow and just enjoying her time in Gauteng. She flies back to Cape Town tomorrow, Sunday at 4pm and arrives in Cape town at 6pm.
I think she is going to leave behind some sad friends in Cape Town as she has the ability to make close friends wherever she is. She is a very good friend. And I think my sister in Cape Town is going to miss her niece as well.
Congratulations my clever daughter. I know that you'll have every success in your future.
Love, Mom


  1. Fantastic news!!!! Well done young lady :) If ever she needs a friendly face or help up here... I'm here!

  2. I know that feeling of yours; we want our children happy and gainly employed; their happiness is our happiness.

    Momacat's job is never done until all kitties are settled in.

    Good luck to her and to you.

  3. That's good news, I'm pleased to read that. Also Momcat... thank you for what you wrote.

  4. Well done daughter! Im very happy for her and you Mom!!!

  5. Forever Feline - It is great news isn't it. Thank you for your kind offer of help - I really appreciate your friendship.

    Lakeviewer - Thank you. All moms will feel the same. One kitty down - two kitties to go!

    Griever - Thank you. And its a pleasure, not just written for the sake of it but truly meant.

    Lulu - Thanks friend. Things have gone from stressed to being sorted out. Its amazing how its worked out.

  6. Thanks Mommy, thank you for always being positive and talking me through everything!

  7. Roby Dog - I'll always be here for you forever my baby.

  8. Iv changed it to rabbit now ;)

  9. Thats good - I like rabbits better than dogs anyway!

  10. Congratulations to your daughter, momcat! That is fabulous news! I am sure you are so very proud of her :)