Friday, September 25, 2009

When I got home on Wednesday evening, Bradley started nagging to go to his cousin, R's house. I had just driven home in the mist and rain. I had been to the shops and I didn't feel like going out again. I started to get irritated and then I noticed how messy the house was. Now it is usually messy by the time I get home again from work. But on Wednesday night, it was worrying me. After I started nagging, Dael got cross and Dael is hormonal at the moment. Thought it was just for girl teens - wrong!! He had a major tantrum, almost threatening to throw a small table across the room and me almost threatening to throw him out the house. He is getting to the stage where he has to make his own way in the world. My house is my house and if I want to throw a tantrum, I don't want anyone (least of all my offspring) jumping on the bandwagon and staging their own tantrum, thank you! Anyway, the storm blew over and Dael went for a bath. Soon afterwards, his friend C arrived on his bike and it became apparent that arrangements for the evening had been made. They left for a special 'public holiday' evening at the local club 54 and Bradley and I were left together.
In the meantime, Bradley had given up nagging during the tantrum throwing session and I promised to get him to his cousin in the morning. So much for spending time with mom on the public holiday.
Thursday morning dawned with sunshine which was very welcome after two days of rain and although it clouded over, it remained warm. Dael had attempted to arrange a gathering of sorts with his friends who it turned out had better things to do and other friends to visit and his plans fell flat. So he tagged after me when I went to drop Bradley off at his cousin's. We ended up at The Pav shopping centre so that I could get a bit of shopping. There wasn't much happening there for him and I don't hang out in shopping centres for fun so we left and were home by lunchtime.
While I was shopping and in my ongoing quest to find potatoes that are affordable, I decided to buy a 10kg pocket of potatoes for R64.00 at the big supermarket (Checkers Hyper) at The Pav. I joked with the packer guy who was packing the more expensive R70.00 pockets that if I found a potato that was rotten in the pocket, I would return it for a refund. He agreed (in fake agreement) that of course I could. But I wasn't joking. We are talking about staple dietary items here and all are more expensive every time you have to buy them. The price fluctuates almost daily. Rice, mealie meal, potatoes - starch items that are not luxuries are becoming so expensive and I'm not even on the breadline (okay probably almost). I don't buy many luxury items but I don't go hungry! What about those on minimum wage income. Government needs to step in and subsidise otherwise people are going to starve.
While I was shopping, Dael was wandering around the centre but I got hold of him on mxit and asked him to meet me as they had deodorant on special and there was no way I was going to choose a fragrance for him. He found me, found a variety of deo that he liked and much to my dismay, stayed with me. I have a phobia people - shopping with someone else, especially someone who is impatient. I just can't do it. Maybe it stems back to my early days of marriage when I used to take a long time comparing prices and buying the right items. My ex used to mock me and tell me I took hours. I really don't but that phobia of keeping someone waiting that doesn't want to be there remains to this day. I really do my best grocery shopping on my lonesome ownsome.
Anyway I managed to accomplish what needed doing and we headed for home. I spent the afternoon doing some much needed springcleaning of the tv cabinet which entailed emptying each shelf and dusting and repacking said shelf. By the evening I had accomplished that task even climbing on a stool and tackling the top of the unit and the adjacent blades of the ceiling fan while I was about it. I felt very satisfied with my achievement and my last active task of the day was to prepare hotdogs and chips for my older son and me, just the two of us because Bradley had decided to stay over at his cousin's place.
Tonight, I must collect Bradley and his cousin, R is staying over at my place this time - oh glory! I'm still at work, boosting my sense of calm with the help of a bottle of cider on company account.
Happy weekend all!


  1. I don't like shopping with people either, I get what I want from the first place I reach and leave. Get in, get out. I think that's the way most men are, don't worry about it.

  2. I agree with you completely - shopping with someone else is no fun.