Tuesday, September 22, 2009

This is how the weekend goes..

I indulged in a couple of drinks with some of the girls from the office to celebrate Robynne's having got the job in Gauteng.

Feeling quite relaxed I was prepared to face the weekend. At home, Bradley was waiting for me expectantly because he wanted to download mxit onto his phone again. "I've got no phone time! What happened to your mxit?" C deleted it - Why? "He wanted to load his mxit account onto my phone... Well apparently C had succeeded in making his mxit work on his own phone because I saw from my own contact list that he was online. I messaged him asking him why he had deleted Bradley's mxit and left him with no airtime to replace it and received a very cocky answer that I could sort it out for him ha ha! So I deleted him after leaving him an irritated offline message. Dael came in and got a mouthful from me which he in turn passed down the line to his brother - why did you let C delete your mxit! Now C is 18 and intimidates Bradley a little as Bradley tries to fit into the older age group but he got the message! Luckily Dael had some phone time and expertise and quickly righted matters.

Saturday dawned a gorgeous day and since my washing was piling up I decided to do something about it! Oops - my washing machine all set up days earlier with a load and detergent had decided not to come on! No power! I spoke to my brother, Greg to come round and have a look at it but he hadn't arrived and I was burning sunlight! So I set myself up in the bathroom with a tub, washing powder and softener and piles of separated washing. About 2 and a half hours later, after washing enough clothes and other assorted items to fill four long lines, I'm finished and just then, Greg pulls up the driveway. After dismantling the top section of the toploader washer where the switches are, he discovers its the switch that cuts off the machine when you lift the lid and he couldn't get to the switch so he just bypassed it. Not a problem - I don't have any toddlers who are likely to get their arms twisted off by fast moving machinery!

On Sunday, after doing a bit of tidying up whilst my ears were being blasted by head banging music, I decided I needed to get outside a bit and tackle a bit more of my 'garden' while the weather was still good. I've got piles of cut greenery which needs to be pulled down off the bank to a more accessible spot so my dad can load it onto his bakki. I had hoisted myself to a position halfway up a little steep bank where I could reach the pile of sticks and leaves on the next level and was hanging onto a little branch while pulling the sticks with the other and throwing them down to the lower level and the drive, when......the stick gave way and I just rolled helplessly all the way down, until fortuitously my fall was stopped by a tall metal pole which used to hold an old pair of gates. If that had not been there I would have fallen about a metre down off the wall onto the concrete driveway and that would have been much more painful! I got up checking for blood - nothing just a few bruises, my glasses were still in one piece, no broken bones, wow - looked behind me to see if anyone was laughing and pointing - no one! What a relief. Thank goodness I'm quite flexible because a roll down the hill like that could have turned out a lot worse. After I caught my breath, I was back to work again and managed to get quite a big pile prepared for carting away.

With the weather being mild and springlike, I had a very pleasant weekend and the best being no pressure to go anywhere or do anything!


  1. Fell down, picked yourself up and dusted yourself off. As always Momcat.

  2. shame man hope the bruises werent painful? I also worked in the garden all weekend I didnt even clean the house just gardened!! Was so nice!

  3. Glad you did not injure yourself

  4. Griever - Thanks for noticing but seriously, as many times as you pick yourself up and carry on, that how much stronger you get.

    Lulu - The bruises are fine. I usually get a whole lot of scratches too from the thorny sticks - my war wounds! lol

    Spear - Thanks, I'm tough! Its quite surreal the thoughts that go through your mind when on an out of control tumble. I could almost feel myself hitting the concrete. Quite a surprise to stop short!