Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Teenagers, Rain and the end of term holiday!

Say no more. Bradley's school closed for the end of third term break today. Tomorrow is a public holiday (Heritage day) and I could have made it a long weekend but something is preventing me from submitting that leave form... Could it be my desire to preserve whats left of my sanity!?
So I'll be off tomorrow and will return to the safe haven of my office on Friday. It has been raining for two days solid so far with no end in sight. So cats, dogs and children are confined to the house. Well the children are usually in the house, on the couch with thumbs pounding the keyboards of the cellphones but the cats and dogs and I quite often escape outside to the sun and fresh air.
I can probably put up with it for one day - I think!
I went back to the clinic this morning to fetch Bradley's Ritalin. I didn't bother to get there too early, rather adopting the approach of "However long it takes I'll wait". When I arrived I was given the number 18. I found a seat next to a lady who had 15 and she had been there from about 7.30am. It was already 8.30am. I asked her if they had started dispensing meds and she said no but the doctor had started seeing patients. I got chatting with her and what a pleasant person she is. A few years younger than me and no kids but she was natural and interested in what I was saying and by the time she was called in we had exchanged phone numbers. She came out and - called me. I was the very next number as the in-between numbers were for the doctor. I got my meds and left for work and it only took me two hours! Honestly I don't mind as I had congenial company and the time just sped by. I'll do whatever it takes to help my son. And there's nothing like being held captive in a waiting room for making new friends (or catching a nap like some were doing). Next time I'm gonna take a flask of coffee.
See you on the other side.


  1. It sounds to me that you made the best of those hours waiting. We can phone our prescriptions in and the pharmacy would then have it ready for pick up; or, we can arrange to have everything mailed as well. Waiting is sometimes necessary.

  2. Cap'n Dumbass - Its a government clinic. You get a number and you wait their pleasure. People get there early to get a lower number but they only start seeing patients/dispensing meds at 8.30. The meds come from the government hospital and have to be ordered. I'm not complaining - I get name brand meds for free!

    Lakeviewer - Pharmacies work much the same here but anything to do with the government - Vehicle licensing, home affairs for ID's, government clinics, usually attract a lot of people and if you need to attend their facilities, you need to go with a lot of patience...and refreshments!