Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Cold Wait

I decided to take off Sabrina's collar as she has been frantically shaking her head and scratching during the night. I had a feeling that her neck was worrying her. So first thing this morning I removed the collar and rubbed her neck and she was in heaven!
I was only planning on going to the clinic on Wednesday but decided to get it done this morning. I just had a strong feeling that I must start this investigation today. So after dropping Bradley I proceeded through to the clinic and got there just after 8am. Upon arriving and finding the correct department, the whole queue of people (I was the last number - no. 35) were shepherded to the outside benches. Now it was a cold day today and eventually I put on my jacket and was so glad I thought to bring it. It took from 8am to 12 midday for the sister to eventually see me. I was almost frozen to an iceblock by the time I was called inside to the benches in that department where unusually, there were only 3 patients per bench at a time, one on each end and one in the middle. Obviously they don't want their department looking untidy with too many patients or otherwise they don't want the patients catching anything from each other - a bit ridiculous since we had been bunched together outside in the freezing weather for hours already. I commented to the man next to me that if we hadn't been very sick before we arrived, then we most certainly would be by the time we left!
After a quick examination and a few exclamations as to why it took so long for me to come in, she decided that I should be referred to one of the local hospitals to see a doctor. So I now have a letter of referral to St. Mary's hospital in Mariannhill to see a doctor and from there on who knows. She said the lump is a bit big and hard and if I had come in when it was smaller she could have just given me an antibiotic to see if that worked. Who knew? I don't have a lot of fatty tissue in my breasts (small size) and they often feel lumpy but only in the past two weeks or so has the lump increased in size and started causing an ache and some discomfort. I know its there all the time. I came in to work straight after I left the clinic but I have told my boss that I have to go to the hospital tomorrow and wherever else I am sent whenever I am sent there, until this issue is resolved.
I will update tomorrow as and when I make it to the office.


  1. Praying for a good update:) BTW, you just reminded me that I need to schedule my mammogram. I have to have one every 6 months and I'm late getting it this time:) Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Thinking of you lots Momcat and you are very right to put yourself before your job now. Go Momcat!
    Hope you had a warm cuppa tea and nice bath after the day you had.
    Let us know how it goes xxxxx

  3. You're reminding all of us to schedule our annual mammogram. Better catch things early, no matter how small these things may be. Good luck.

  4. Yes, the mammogram thing. sigh. Good luck, sweetie.

  5. Well done on getting yourself seen to so quickly - best not to wait. Thank you for your honesty in posting about this. It must be scary. My prayers remain with you.

  6. I hope it's nothing bad Mommy, got everyone praying for you. I love you lots!

  7. Glad you were able to get looked at, even after a long wait. Good luck!

  8. Kaleena - I'm so glad that this situation has reminded you to go for your mammogram. I have actually never been for one. An oversight I'm sure but life is so quick, time passes before we have time to blink sometimes.

    Tammy - I did have a good meal last night and tried not to worry about the next day.

    Thanks Lakeviewer and Elizabeth - I am a notorious procrastinator and I have to continually push myself to get things done. Our health is one thing we should never procrastinate about.

    Tamara - It is quite nerve-wracking going through this as I'm fairly healthy in my lifestyle. I breastfed for ages, don't smoke, don't drink much, there's no cancer history in our family. If this situation encourages all my friends to go for check ups I will be happy.

    Roby - Thanks baby. Thanks for the prayer chain. Love you too.