Monday, November 2, 2009

Stress Level Overload!

I last posted about the long trip up to Gauteng from Cape Town and since then it feels like I've been climbing Mt. Everest, stress level wise.
Robynne worked hard last week, the whole day and into the night, coming home late every night from Tuesday until Friday, from the exhibition where her company had a stall. She lifted, carried and slogged and enjoyed the experience thoroughly but still the week took its toll and her resistance took a pounding. By Thursday afternoon, she had picked up the same bug that Dael had been suffering from for the whole week. The kids still had to work and me trying to direct medical care from hundreds of kilometres away was no joke! They felt better by Saturday evening and went out to a friends Halloween party. They had a grand time and even getting lost on the way home because the GPS battery went flat was handled with good humour. On Sunday, the whole family went through to a weekly market in Pretoria but by the evening Robynne was down again with the stomach flu. She is still ill and Dael seems to be relapsing with it. Dael and his dad also have issues to resolve with regard to working together, expectations, understanding and payment for work done but I cannot get involved in this as any direct intervention by myself seems to make matters worse. Obviously this is also stressful to me as a parent because I cannot just switch off my protective mother instincts because my kids are out of sight. I still know they're suffering. I have to back off though and let matters resolve themselves without my input here.
On the local front, the following is happening:
My poor unfortunate cat had kittens again - 3 this time. I would have had her fixed earlier in the year but my neighbours dog very kindly wandered into my yard and bit my dog on the mouth which required a procedure under anaesthesia and she fixed him at the same time. Vet budget for the year gone in one fell swoop!
Bradley seems to be getting higher marks for work completed and getting work finished without too much prompting. The Ritalin seems to have kicked in. Thank goodness but I hope not too late to turn his year's marks around.
My mom had a birthday last weekend and Brad and I went with Mom, Dad and my brother, Greg out to a local coffee shop for tea. Everybody ordered waffles but Brad wanted a full breakfast as he had slept late and hadn't eaten breakfast. I said no and Brad had a little tantrum. I was irritated because although he is officially a teen he likes to resort to toddler behaviour every now and then. Mom turned 67 and today was the parents 46th wedding anniversary. Mom's parents wouldn't let her get married before she turned 21 so she did and then waited a week before tying the knot! And the rest as they say is history!
Oh and my car broke down last week again. The oil clogging its system story again and I had to ask dad for a loan of R1700 to get it out of the garage. I'm still not too happy with it. Just observing it at the moment!
Now if I can just get my stress levels down to a manageable level! When I've been too stressed, I get weird pains in my chest, my breathing rhythm gets messed up and I feel breathless and I feel like my overactive thyroid problem is playing up. Its all a mind game - mind over matter. Think I just need to stare at some scenery or stroke some cats or something!


  1. Sjoe! That is a lot of stress all at once. Take it easy Momcat... :-)

  2. Momcat you are very right about mind over matter BUT dont ignore chest pains etc.
    It is very very important to take care of you although as women we often neglect this.

    Who covered your cat? Will you keep the kittens?

  3. Louisa - Thank you for your concern. Believe me I'm trying to take it easy!

    Tammy - Thank you too for being concerned. Mom's always put their own healthcare on hold to see to their kids but I need to just get out and destress. Am considering a long walk at lunchtime in the fresh air. The kitty was covered by the same menace who covered her last time although last time I think it was two males. This time she has 3 little gingers, 2 male and 1 female. As much as I would like to keep them I really cant. I kept the others and that brought my headcount up to 11. The killer is the cost of vet care.

  4. Not quite so simple as mind over matter. You have so much going on (fun things too) but when the kids are sick are there is trouble it really is hard for us Mom's not to feel it double time.

    Please do try to let some of the stress go if you can because it is dangerous.

    In north america we say that stress is the number one killer. Please take care of yourself.

    Love Renee xoxo

  5. So sorry that you are feeling so stressed! I will say a prayer for you today! Smiles to you:)

  6. Oh no! Why do terrible things tend to happen in multiples? You need to take a little time for yourself. Relax. Breathe. I know, so much easier said than done. Try to decompose a little.

  7. Momcat, you have a lot on your plate!

    I know what it is like to have more and more kittens to deal with, and vet fees are killer. I would be happy to help you with the spay fee for your cat.

  8. Renee - Thanks for the advice. I really find that walking and hiking is a HUGE stress reliever for me and I only gave it up because I got too busy with the kids. Need to start it up again for definite. I also need to let go and let God (do the work) especially with regard to the kids.

    Kaleena - Thank you sweetie. Hope all is going okay on your side too. We'll hang in together!

    Elizabeth - I think its the time of the year too. By this time, I am REALLY needing to go on a few weeks leave and not stick to schedules. I hate schedules! I'll try to decompose and recompose myself!

    Barefootheart - Thank you so much for your kind offer. I am in the process of contacting a few vets to get prices at the moment. I really appreciate you and my other blogging friends.

  9. Wow... you poor thing! Thank goodness for blogging, hey? I think it helps the stress somehow.

    Wishing you moments of peace and all the support you need.

  10. Tamara - Many thanks. Blogging does help a lot. Thank you for your wishes of peace.