Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm still standing...

Bebe was fine after her procedure on Friday and soon headed back into her favourite bushy area when we arrived home. She really is an outdoorsy girl. She has had no ill affects from her spaying. Sabrina has learned to live with her collar but I won't be able to keep it on for much longer as I noticed that it is wearing a sore spot on her neck. She keeps shaking it and it really gets in the way of her grooming. She is able to lick her paw and clean her nose however. I have been grateful for the collar though as her scratching would be a direct hit on her stitched ears if she wasn't wearing it. She still looks a bit like a wreck but is much more her old self. I think when she is all healed up with fur grown back she will look a bit like a bear cub.
Bradley had headed off down to Chris' house by the time I got home on Friday evening so I was able to take it easy (and not cook). I just made cheese snackwiches for supper. Chris has a playstation and there is another boy at the house of Bradley's age which makes for better entertainment than being at home with boring mom.
On Saturday, I just cleaned up and pottered about. The weather wasn't great so the most I did was keep running out and turning the washing over to the wet side to try and encourage it to dry faster. I had arranged to be at my mom's at about lunchtime as my aunt, my cousin and her two boys were coming to visit and mom needed reinforcements. I collected Bradley and took him along but by the time we arrived, at almost 2pm, the cousins weren't there yet. They eventually arrived with a cake and we had a jolly time catching up and having tea. I hadn't seen my cousin or my aunt for more than ten years and it was our first time of meeting Shelly's two little boys. They had a great time with Bradley who was acting the role of the cool dude older cousin.
Bradley decided to go down to Chris' house to play again on Sunday and this really suited me because after my stressful week of not feeling well last week, I just wanted to do nothing on Sunday. I watched tv and read my novel and didn't go anywhere the whole day until I collected Bradley and Chris for church at 6pm. I really felt relaxed and didn't even do any housework, just sat on my behind the whole day.
On the health front, I haven't got those symptoms that I was suffering from last week, the lump in the throat, funny breathing, etc. Those have subsided somewhat. I have got another health issue that is worrying me at the moment. I have discovered a rather large lump in my left breast which doesn't seem to be going away and I also have some 'funny' pains in my chest and emanating to my armpit which are worrying me. I immediately think cancer but it might not be that. I won't know until I go and find out. Finding out is not so simple as I don't have medical aid and usually no money to throw at something like this. I phoned around today and CANSA Durban have a clinic that they run on Wednesdays between 8 and 10am which I could attend. I asked the lady if I could start with my government clinic (that I go to with Bradley) and she said that I could start there as they have qualified nursing sisters. I know the staff is fully qualified but I don't know what kind of ailments they deal with there. So I will start there and if need be they will refer me to a district hospital. I can see a lot of sitting in waiting rooms in my immediate future. Maybe a good time to catch up on my reading. I wasn't going to mention all this here but you guys have been excellent with your moral support on all fronts and I know that I am among friends here. Whatever the diagnosis, I am determined to be positive and just do what needs to be done. Worrying about this has been eating away at me a bit but I do find if I do something proactively to solve a problem (including this) it empowers me a lot. I don't want to be a person who minimises their choices in life by being too scared to find out what is going on with me.
I will appreciate being remembered in the prayers and thoughts of all my friends as I find out what is causing this problem.


  1. Oh girl, that must be so worrying (the lump part). Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. I will definitely keep you in my thoughts and prayers Momcat. Even though we know most of the time these lumps end up being nothing it's a big worry! *huggs*

  3. That's a horrible worry to have. I will keep you in my prayers and hope that all your fears are put to rest soon.

  4. You are in my prayers too my friend I'm sorry about the lump and pains, it is a worry and much better to find out than to worry along not knowing! Please remember that you are not alone! We are all here to support you no matter what you are going through! Like Tamara I also hope all your fears are put to rest soon! xxxx

  5. Glad the kitties are doing well.
    A lump is very scary. Hope you can get it checked out quickly.

  6. Cat - Thanks my friend. It has been a bit worrying.

    Louisa - Hoping that this will turn out to be one of those non-worrisome lumps! Thanks for your support too.

    Tamara - Thank you for your wishes and support.

    Lulu - Thanks to you and all my friends for always being their to support me and care about me. I am trusting that this will all be a storm in a teacup.

    Barefootheart - The kitties are doing much better and the lump is scary and uncomfortable. I am in the process of getting it seen to.