Friday, November 13, 2009

Curiosity got the cat caught!

After work yesterday, I decided to go straight home before going to the vet. I arrived home just before 5pm and immediately started calling kitties and talking to those surrounding me. I told Bradley to get ready because I was going to the vet to find out about pain medication for Sabrina and to the shop for bread. Sabrina was still in the tv cabinet at that stage so I called her out and gave her some milk to drink. Just then I realised that - who had arrived but Miss Bebe herself, so I prepared the basket, found the ties and popped her into the basket. She wasn't impressed and yowled all the way to the vet.
The vet receptionist told me the vet was very booked up for Friday but I said that I was prepared to leave Bebe and see if they could fit her in because she is very hard to pin down and she is one step off of getting preggers herself. Shame poor girl. She loves being outside and I left her for the night in a strange place. But it is the best thing for her.
Sabrina ate a little last night and spent the night on the arm of the couch. I wiped her collar clean and her little chin because she wasn't able to look after herself yet. This morning she is cleaning herself off again and seems to be able to clean her face even with the collar on. Luckily the collar is doing its job and preventing her hind leg from scratching her sore ears to pieces. I keep talking to her and telling her I love her and this morning she was purring and talking to me again. Getting back to her old self. I gave her the tablet (crushed between two spoons) in a small amount of meat and just left her and the bowl in a bedroom together. By the time I came back she had cleaned the bowl.
I was running late this morning and decided to take Bradley to school first and then come back home to bath. While I was waiting for him to come to the car, I decided to top up the water as that is having to be topped up every day now (next thing to get fixed). I filled my 2lt colddrink bottle that I keep in the car at all times with more water and slammed the bonnet. On arriving back home after dropping Bradley, I noticed A LOT of steam coming from the area of the water bottle. 'Oh no!' I thought. 'Don't tell me it broken totally now.' I went into the house already planning my next move and after thinking about it, I wondered to myself, 'Did I replace the cap of the water holder when I filled it'. I couldn't remember so I went to check. And no I didn't! Luckily the cap hadn't fallen out onto the road, but was still there on the ledge behind the engine. All the water had bubbled out and it took about 4 and a half litres to fill up again. Which didn't help with my lateness but at least I could still drive my car.
Anyway off to fetch Bebe now who will probably not be too happy after her treatment but hopefully I get her staying at home with the rest of the family more now.
Have a wonderful weekend and thanks everyone for your support and encouragement.


  1. Shame man I also hate trapping them and leaving them at the Vet but as you say it really is for her own good. Hope Sabrina goes from strength to strength and Bebe calms down soon.
    Have a great weekend and take care of you too in between all the babies!

  2. Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind. Hope Bebe recovers quickly. And glad you found your water cap!

  3. Hey i had a wondeful Monday morning too my car wont start the battery has finally died so I feel your pain! Hope the weekend was great and the kitties are feeling better!