Monday, November 9, 2009

The weekend that was.

I didn't rush off home last Friday evening. A rather large thunderstorm was crashing and I decided to have a couple of drinks at work after my stressful week. I surfed the net and enjoyed my drinks and was pretty relaxed by the time I got home.
Bradley wasn't concerned about my lateness as Dael's friend, Chris was at the house together with his new girlfriend and they were continuing with the painting of the outside room, previously Dael's room. I changed and settled down in the lounge and then both Robynne and Dael came on mxit at the same time. Robynne was en route to her weekend destination but was upset about not having been able to take Dael with her due to her finances having taken a beating with her car breaking down and also about not having her car back yet. Dael was upset about not being paid by his father but instead just having to work hard for no reward. I was talking to both of them and trying to give my best advice and eventually Robynne went offline and Dael went to sleep. It is difficult when your children are battling. They are making decisions about their lives which sometimes work out and sometimes cause problems in their lives but that is how life is lived. We sometimes (often) go against our parents advice and then we have to make the best of whichever way our lives go from then on.
On Saturday, the weather was fine and I decided that it was a good day to wash my windows. It is quite a time-consuming process as my windows are mostly the cottage pane variety with individual squares of glass in a divided frame rather than one large sheet. After half the house was done, so was Bradley! He wanted to do something other than watch tv. Eventually, I bathed and we went down to my mom as it was a bit late to do anything else by then. We ended up staying for a braai of cocktail sausages and boerewors with salad, which was rather enjoyable and unexpected.
On Sunday, due to not having done much on Saturday, Bradley and I went to the public swimming pool in Westville, along with Chris. Bradley had wanted to go on Chris' motorbike but mommy decided no! The weather was hot but the swimming pool enclosure has a lot of shady spots. Bradley is too cool for sunscreen but I took it over to him and waited while he applied it to his neck and shoulders. I sat in the shade other than when I had a quick swim and still got a bit burned. The water was 23 deg. C and that's still too cold for me. I'm happiest when the water temperature gets closer to 30 deg. C! Chris' other friend Mark had also arrived in his little car and after a bit of horseplay, they decided to leave. Bradley went with Mark with strict instructions to wear his seatbelt! I left about half an hour later stopping at the shop for some necessities. After I had left the shop, I received a message from Bradley that he still needed stationery for his exams which started today. So I had to stop again at the local shopping centre and traipse around looking from shop to shop looking for what he needed for the best price. I eventually got home an hour later.
Bradley writes exams this week and next week and this is make or break for him! He will go on an extra Ritalin tablet per day so that he can concentrate to study in the afternoon and he will be taking the Ritalin this weekend coming as well also so that he can study as well as for continuity.
So much for the weekend - now for the week!


  1. You have a full life, and a big heart worrying about your children. Mama Cat, for sure.

  2. You have such a busy life! just wanted to po in and say hello! Smiles to you my friend. Hope you have a slow week:)

  3. Sounds like you had a little bit of everything over the weekend, no big calamities, a little swim time, and we all like beverages!

  4. LV - Thank you but I think every mom just wants her children to be happy and settled not just me.

    Kaleena - You with your three kids and all the various health issues you have been handling on an ongoing basis. You also have a busy life. Smiles to you too. Hope the week is slow too.

    Teri - Nice to hear from you. Yes as usual, lots of little bits and the beverages were a nice start!