Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sick Kitty - Sick Mommy!

Little Sabrina was delivered to the vet yesterday morning and I went off to work. Bebe didn't go with as she decided not to appear in the morning! (Who told her about the vet?)
I wasn't feeling too well as all the stress of recent events has triggered off my overactive thyroid problem which is now causing me stress related health issues. This manifests itself as a feeling like I have a big lump in my throat, racing heart, fixation on breathing which means I don't breathe normally. These symptoms disappear again after a period of rest but at the moment all this makes me feel totally exhausted. I will need to schedule a trip to the doctor in the near future. In the meantime the family have been alerted to the fact that I am not well and are handling all their own issues at the moment.
After a fairly uneventful day at work, I left early to fetch Sabrina from the vet. The veterinarian lady actually thought she was a feral that I had trapped because she was acting so wild. She had both ears removed and a bit off the top of her nose due to cancer. When she woke from anaesthetic she had managed to remove the nose stitches from trying to get out the recovery cage and now had an open sore on her nose. The vet and her assistant tried to pad the door of my basket which has a crisscross mesh, with the towel I had in the basket, because she was frantically trying to get out of the basket too. This lasted until I got in the car. The poor little girl was damaging herself even more pushing her nose against the door of the basket so I let her out and she was off round and round the car while I was driving across town in traffic. She eventually calmed down a bit with me talking to her and stroking her when she came near me. The car and my clothes were absolutely covered in white fur which she was obviously shedding from the stress.
At home she lapped a bit of milk but didn't eat. She sat on my lap for a while but soon went to hide in the tv cabinet on a pile of magazines. This morning I pulled her out of the cabinet to give her some more milk. I applied ointment to her nose and tried to get her to eat a bit of plain canned meat (with the antiobiotic tablet in it). She ate a bit of meat but not the tablet which I let Bitsy eat eventually. Bitsy is also booked for spaying but Bradley noticed a weird rash on the whole of her stomach which she has been licking. I am hoping that the antibiotic will help with this. It is a general antiobiotic (Synulox) which the vets prescribe for a lot of ailments. I generally try to keep some in the house but the vets don't really like to dispense it without seeing the cat. Its going to be difficult forcing a tablet into Sabrina's mouth with her nose being an open sore and with a plastic cone around her neck to prevent her scratching anywhere near her head. How do I even get a grip on her head to open her mouth?
My poor little girl. She has hardly been to the vet in her seven years and nine months of life, the only previous time to get spayed. She is extremely traumatised and I am a bit too. She looks really beaten up and I was actually relieved that I didn't have two sick kitties to cope with yesterday. Maybe I'll continue to just do them one cat at a time.
Bebe came around last night and was also around this morning again. I really think she can read my mind!


  1. I'm sorry that you are not well, and being a fellow animal person I know how heart sore it makes us mom's when they are sick! I hope that she eats her tablet next time and you both have a great recovery!!

  2. Mommy, cant you crush the tablet between 2 spoons and mxit it in her food?

  3. Didn't they dispense any pain meds? Like Buprenorphine? That would help her feel better and rest. Ask your vet about it.

  4. Hope you and kitty are feeling better soon! Take care of you:)

  5. Ah no that all sounds quite horrid. I really hope you and all your babies are feeling much better soon. Vet trips are so traumatic. Sending happy soothing healing thoughts to you all. xxx

  6. Poor poor girl! I hope she feels better soon. Left an award for you on my blog.

  7. Lulu - Thanks my friend and yes she did eat her tablet this morning. I just left her and the crushed up tablet in a small amount of food together in one of the bedrooms.

    Roby - Thanks baby. My minds not working right at the moment. I did just that.

    Teri - I had forgotten to even ask at the time probably because Sabrina was freaking out. I went round to the vet last night and they said they had given her a shot which lasts 72 hours as well as that the anaesthetic contains painkilling agents. But if I was concerned I should bring her back the next day for a shot.

    Kaleena - Thanks sweetie! I think the weekend should do the trick!

    Thanks Tammy - I'll be glad when its all over but its necessary to bite the bullet and just get it all done. Many thanks for the soothing thoughts - I'm feeling better already!

    Thanks Cat - I'm going to check it out now.