Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Comfort zone

My parents still live in the house they built before their 4 kids were born. The house has been altered and added to but they have never moved. I bought a house further up the road from them virtually on the border of the suburb they are in and my suburb. I travel daily on the road which I walked home on in the afternoons after school. The bus dropped us on the main road and we would walk the rest of the way. I still remember the sounds of the warm neighbourhood, the occasional dog barking, the summer singer insects, the warm sun and the blue sky, my arm getting pins and needles from the weight of my school bag.

I had a thought just this morning while travelling along one of our neighbourhood roads that just this action brings some comfort to me and actually enables a bit of time travel in my memory back to the carefree days of childhood when I didn't have to worry about stretching my budget to the end of the month and handling the various problems of my kids. It reminds me that life moves on and that our individual problems which seem so large and insurmountable are unimportant in the passing of time and that there are several generations of children growing up behind me that will also have memories of walking our neighbourhood roads home after school.

Don't let small worries cloud your awareness of the timelessness of the universe.

There's nothing like an afternoon at the local dam to remind us of the timelessness of the earth
and the universe.
Bradley posing with a bass
he caught.


  1. Thanks for following! Let me guess, the cat post attracted you?

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog ... your son is adorable and that's some catch .. did you cook it up for him?

  3. This speaks so loudly to me. I'm the girl that wants everything figured out before it happens.

    My Mr. J is the opposite. he is always telling me to enjoy the moment because really, that is all we have!

  4. I hear ya!
    We are living in the same house that my husband grew up in.
    I don't think he's as nostalgic as you are though. He hates it here. Too much work needs to be done here.

    But I hear ya!

  5. Oh dear - don't go to my blog to day... all you'll find is petty complaints.

  6. Man!...that sounds the life!

  7. Greenpanda - Its a pleasure. No it wasn't the cat post although finding it was a bonus. I went to a blog where you had left a comment and decided to find out more about you. Welcome!

    Daryl - I enjoy your photos. Thank you for your comments and yes my son is quite the little heartthrob. No we didn't cook the bass but released it again to swim another day after taking the photo.

    FF - Thanks. I don't want to be accused of just talking about my everyday life. I do have some deep thoughts too...!

    Travel girl - It is sometimes nice to know that we are moving in a certain direction but my life has taken so many different turns from my original plan that I have had to be flexible and accept the deviations as the norm rather than the exception.

    Sheila - My dad says the same thing about his house. He is always wanting to sell but I won't let him. Its too difficult and expensive to buy property now in SA.

    Spear - Been there and done that. Sometimes we have our dark days. We wouldn't appreciate the silver lining if we didn't have the dark cloud for comparison.

  8. Thanks Kitty and Miss T - It is the life. Peaceful and beautiful!

  9. I've never had a place as a comfort zone. Growing up as an Army brat I moved constantly. Later as an adult in the Army, I moved constantly. And in the last six years I've spent more time away from home in Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan than at home.

    I guess my comfort zone is really out in nature or playing with critters (the non-human kind).