Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I think I'm the customer from hell.

Background to the story: When my kids turn 16 they get a cellphone contract which I pay for. So basically they get a phone and a top-up contract where they get an amount of phone time back from the service provider to use each month. The catch here is that Dael's cellphone from his contract gave up the ghost just after the warranty period. I took out another contract. Dael got the phone and I got the airtime. The warranty period was up in December and now that phone is broken too. He hijacked my new phone and I had to borrow a really old phone from my mom. Anyway I decided that I was being too nice (see Sucker) and because he is now working he could afford to pay his own contract.
So on Sunday, we schlep through to The Pav and I mean schlep cos me and shopping centres at month end don't agree with each other. The longer I stay at the centre the more my hysteria rises. Dael found a deal he liked (2 phones at a really good price) and I had made sure I had all the correct documentation on me. Perfect! I sat down to sign up as I was going to get it on my name with Dael giving me the money every month because he is just newly employed. And then things started going wrong:
Turns out the deal he chose had just expired the day before (on 28 Feb. as it was a Valentines deal)
If we had come in the day before, on Saturday, we could have got the phones the same day!
The consultant would forward the application to Head Office and we would have our answer on Monday.
Monday afternoon I still hadn't heard from her - I phoned her.
She said the lady at Head Office was off until Wednesday. (Only one decision maker in the whole of H/O)!
I started to get angry with the consultant and raised my voice at her. She acted passive which just made me more angry.
Dael was irate and just wanted to take the deal at the normal (more expensive) price. I said no.
Tuesday went by with no phone call. I, mindful of my blood pressure and stress levels also did not phone.
On Wednesday, when Head Office lady was supposed to have returned and okayed my deal - still no phone call.
Wednesday afternoon I phoned the shop - Consultant lady was off! (She knew she wouldn't be there on Wednesday.)
I dealt with another consultant and told him in no uncertain terms that I wanted to know yes or no if they were going to give me the deal or I would take my business elsewhere! I think I told him while he was apologising that apologies would not cut it and not to interrupt me when I was talking!
All of a sudden things seemed to happen. He got hold of Head Office lady, forwarded my application to her, she approved it and tried to load it. The last I heard was that there was a glitch with the computer accepting the price (expired deal) and that IT dept. had been contacted but it would be sorted out by Thursday morning latest. New consultant would unfortunately be off on Thursday but he would advise someone responsible to follow up with Head Office lady. I await the next instalment with bated breath! You can be sure however that I will be on the phone first thing in the morning to give the next consultant hell if I don't get the right answers.
I can be as nice as pie but don't give me the run around. Don't come with excuses - come with solutions. And phone me back when you say you will.
You're in the business of selling so sell dammit! Make it happen!
Thanks for listening....


  1. "Service" is by and large an obsolete terminology as far as I am concerned.
    Hang in there and show em who's boss!

  2. Customer is always right, erm so they say!!

  3. You Go Girl!! I hope that it is sorted now?? have an awesome weekend

  4. Still no resolution on the cell phone issue. The woman I was dealing with had some issues with my strong language and I had some issues with the fact that she cannot resolve anything and she never phones back. So now I am dealing with someone else.

  5. In these tough economic times, I'm far less patient than I used to be. While the clerks and such may be know-nothings or unable to make decisions, I won't tolerate that from the bosses.

    You want my money or not? There's another struggling business down the street that would be happy to provide what you won't.

  6. i dunno what it is with these cellphone staff and how many times a week they're not at work! why they can't come to work till they're finished with deals in process i'll never understand.