Friday, March 27, 2009

The small action of one person does count!

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing".
A new blogging buddy (Griever) had put that comment at the top of his latest blog to explain his reaction to a situation recently. But that comment spoke to me so much more of a negativity which grips humanity - you and me, our parents, children, co-workers and many more. It is a negativity which prevents action or comment or doing something to help others. We see someone in need and we know we can help but its not our problem. There is a community project for which we have the skills, knowledge and time to help but we stay at home, watching tv and bemoaning our boredom. People - If you have the time to ask yourself - what is the purpose of life and why am I here, you have the time to find someone to help. Every person is of value and its not for you to decide who has that value or what that value is.
My son now has the right to vote but his attitude is "whats the use of voting because nothing will change and xyz party will still be in power". It doesn't matter what your political affiliation is but if you are unhappy with how your country is being managed, you are the one who can change that, you and your neighbour and your neighbour's wife - anyone who has the guts and the energy to go out and do their duty and exercise their rights. I told my son that their have been folk in the past who have died for the right to vote but he is declines to use his right. On the other hand, my daughter has a lot of political vim and exercised her right from the first, as soon as she was old enough.
This attitude manifests itself in a whole lot of different areas too. If you have the energy and fervour to vote, you might be the one to make the difference in the running of your kids school, your local club or a charity of which you are particularly fond. But step up to the plate. Look for the value in life. Don't be a ghost floating on the perimeters of the community. Be prepared to speak out for what is right and I guarantee you that you will encourage a lot of others in your community or circle of friends who didn't want to speak out or take action because they didn't want to be the first to do so or they didn't want to be embarrassed. What is there to be embarrassed about? There is not one of us who hasn't done something foolish or laughable in our lives but you know what, after all the laughing is done, you are still whole and alive and moving onwards in your quest to make your part of the world a better place.
Change comes from the small actions of many people who are determined to make a better life in their immediate vicinity.
Pay attention to people. I have read many posts where people speak about someone who made a major impact on their life and all that person did was to pay attention or help in a small way which at the time they might not even have been aware would be so memorable to the person they were helping. We don't know how people we have talked to or assisted will use that help or advice to change their lives. But I do know that I cannot sit be idly on the sidelines of life waiting for others to take control or matters to resolve themselves positively or negatively.
What did you do to help someone today?


  1. I agree wholeheartedly. You should really try to get your son to vote, even if he doesn't want to, although I suppose it's hard to make him to do it.

  2. Very good and thought provoking post, and I had read that quote before and it's so true...too many people have too many "What if's" to regret, me included.

    I get an immense amount of pleasure and satisfaction helping people take care of their cats, both in my work and in my personal life raising Cornish Rex cats.

    It feels good to end a day having helped someone...just do it :)

  3. I do agree with every word.

  4. Right On!

    Those of us who go in harm's way for our countries, do so that others may have rights and exercise them. I just don't get people who don't participate in government.

    A Colonel I once knew was entering the Pentagon in the waning days of Vietnam. His way was blocked by shouting protesters who tried to convince him to turn around. He told them, "You can do what you are doing because I wear this uniform."

    Shamed, they let him pass. But that's the point. In the West we can protest without being shot. So we sure as heck should make an effort to return something to the community.

  5. What a thoughtful and inspiring post. I suppose..... well, to be honest, no. I haven't helped or supported anyone today. I either didn;t see anyone that needed it, or if I did, didnt think I could do too much about it. God, thats a selfish thought. Does this count?

  6. Excellent concept. I agree wholeheartedly. You're my kind of person, momcat!

  7. Well said and so very, very true. I was just pondering this at the sink last night. We feel like just one, and we are, but together all our ones add up to so much more. And each one of us can impact someone, somewhere today. We can change the course of someone's day with a few words. That IS power - of the best kind.

    Blessings, my friend!

  8. So true... It is that Secret principle. Positive attracts positive and negative attracts negative.

  9. here here!

    already organised it so I can vote here in Ireland for these elections :)

  10. A very truthful blog. We are all guilty and we know we can do something about it. Maybe one day, the world will be a better place.

    I helped some ewes today!

    CJ xx

  11. FF - Thank you.

    Kitty - I have spoken to him and I reinforce my opinion as the opportunity arises. But I am not of the school of making kids do something. He will have to reach that realisation on his own.

    Teri - Thank you. It doesn't matter who or where you are helping so long as you are making a difference.

    Moannie - Thank you.

    J.L. - People in the western world do not appreciate the freedoms of speech and religion and the right to choose until they are taken away from them. Its human nature to be so but humans are also built with the ability to decide to do right or wrong and the wisdom to know the difference.

    Greenpanda - Even if you support your friends on the internet it counts and yes your comment does count too. Its stepping up to the plate, being willing to be counted that makes all the difference.

    Lakeviewer - Thank you so so much.

    Robynn - It is a powerful concept - to be a small part of the global community. Ants have no problem with this concept!

    Spear - Have read The Secret and am in agreement with positivity. Positive thoughts breed positive action.

    Miss T - Well done on your proactive approach to citizenship. For a lot of people it would have been too much trouble.

    Crystal - Thanks. The world will be a better place if we bring up our children to have an openminded and accepting attitude and a preparation to be a useful contributor to the universe. I'm sure the ewes are greatly appreciative and not to mention The Farmer!!