Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Parental tantrum..

I posted about Bradley missing school yesterday. I kind of knew he was building up to miss school (although I was hoping the drama wouldn't happen) so when I was driving out of the school and Bradley banged on the back of my car to stop me, my gasket just blew. As I pulled into the parking outside the school and before Bradley had even reached the car, I shouted out to the poor traffic signal woman who was trying to direct traffic, "Don't ever have children if you don't want hassles in your life" or words to that effect. She looked bemused, obviously not used to this kind of public display. Probably thought this crazy mother was finally going to do her offspring in! I continued screaming at Bradley as he got into the car and as we drove home, drawing curious glances from rush hour commuters. He just kept quiet and as soon as we got home, got out of my way. I saw the traffic lady this morning again. She was obviously relieved to see that I wasn't going into meltdown again today and cheerfully signalled me to move into traffic, both of us pretending that yesterday didn't happen!


  1. Funny how kids know when you are at your limit and don't talk back during that time. it's like they know they are one step away from bodily harm so they keep quite:)

  2. Hi there

    My sympathies with both you and Bradley. Sympathies with Bradley for having to go to school. I do not know if it is an ADD thing, but I cannot even begin to tell you how boring I found school. Not enough right brain activities in South African schools. Sympathies with you – for having to put up with the ‘drama’.

    Sorry I am not commenting regularly. I am also posting less. I am trying to do 4 weeks’ worth of work within one week. Chronic procrastination put me in this not so enviable position. I think I’ll be sort of ok again this afternoon. Must write a very important PowerPoint presentation for my boss and I am so not ‘lus’ for it.

  3. travel girl - He has plenty to say until he has achieved his goal. But just wait for this weekend!

    Spear - I do sympathise with my son but unfortunately I am duty bound to keep him at school for as long as possible. I will be more than happy when we can both put school behind us! Good luck with your catch up. I also suffer from procrastination - you should see my desk. Some of my paperwork is composting.

  4. I have tantrums all the time. I'm the type to throw a tantrums and run to my room, close the door and crawl in bed for a nap!!

    I love my tantrums.

    I've had those times with Dominique. Very frustrating.

  5. Should have heard me screaming at T on Monday night when we were mowing the lawn! I think the neighbors must have had a fit! He too ran away inside and vanished!! They do indeed know when we have reached the END...:-) AND thats when they apologise too when it's almost too late.....I too have done the driving along screaming thing and got the looks, well too bad the people looking aren't raising our boys we are so let them look! Very frustrating hope things are calmer now??

  6. I find the screaming very exhausting and try to avoid it but I am an impatient mom and something usually sets off a shouting fit. But I don't hold grudges. I just shout, have my say and then its over.