Monday, March 16, 2009

I'm sitting at my desk at 4.30pm on Monday afternoon. My back and shoulders are stiff and sore from sitting at my desk for the whole day. Its been a beautiful sunny day with a warm breeze blowing and I'm missing the freedom of the weekend to move around freely from indoors to outdoors without being incarcerated in a dingy office. Bradley gave me a very difficult time this morning again. I am fine on Mondays until he wakes up and I can almost feel myself tensing for a fight. He was absolutely fine until he couldn't find the cellphone that he uses at school. We wasted about 10 minutes looking for it before giving up and driving down to the school. As he got out the car he was pulling faces and scratching his head. "I can't stand this itchy head. My head has been itchy since Wednesday (?). I think I've got lice. If I scratch my head at school my teacher will say I've got lice". I said goodbye and started driving out of the parking area. As I was given the signal to go by the traffic officer, I heard a bang on the back of the car. I looked round to see that Bradley had chased me out of the school and I knew that it was going to be one of those weeks. He missed school today and we are not going to discuss it this week but he is going to be seriously grounded this weekend. So one wasted trip down to school with my seriously diminishing tank of petrol and I was late for work.

On Saturday, Dael got to work at 6am, very irritated at having to work the weekend and tired before he started. I was at my mom's house visiting before I knew I would have to fetch him at about 2.30pm. Mom was busy making toasted sandwiches when I got a call from Dael at about 1.30pm. "Mom, make sure that you are here to fetch me by 2pm. The supervisor wants me to work until 6pm and I told him I had a doctor's appointment at 2pm". I was there before 2pm but he only came out at 2.10pm, marching past the supervisor with a face like thunder. He wasn't going to work 12 hours on a Saturday thank you. I support my son as I believe that artisans are given a raw deal. So if they know they can push you around they will. My kids have got big mouths (like their mother) but this is something I have encouraged so that they don't get taken advantage of. They will learn when to open their mouth and fight for their rights and when it is best to keep quiet. We went back to my mom and visited for another 2 hours (which is quite something for Dael). I got restless because I wanted to get back in the garden so we left. When we got home I carried on and my son joined me with a slasher and kept at it with me for quite some time. We accomplished a lot and he helped me clean up afterward.

Sunday we were just vegging and watching a dvd when my sister phoned and asked if we wanted to go with her to her friend's house for a meal. We jumped at the opportunity as we weren't doing anything special and we had a pleasant afternoon and a great meal. The friends live in an upmarket townhouse development where every garden is coiffured and nothing is out of place. Kind of like a Stepford Wives village setup. Bradley took his skateboard and the boys toured the village's roads and got rid of some energy. The weather was sunny, the company friendly and we didn't overstay our welcome. A pleasant end to the weekend.

Let me get out of here now and catch some sun before it sets for the day!

Cheers from Momcat.


  1. Too right that your son stood up for himself! Well done! Sounds like a nice chilled weekend.
    So does Bradley have lice???

  2. A slice of life. Thanks for sharing.

  3. FF - No I dont think so. I think he just needed to give his mop a good wash. He seems fine this morning. I inspected him but didnt see anything. Just another entry in the Bradley excuse book!

    Elizabeth - Welcome and thanks for visiting. Slices of life are what I specialise in!

  4. I read this post and your previous one, and it's tough having boys! I am dying to see pics of your kittens.

  5. What a busy life you lead! I am continuously awed by you...and your parenting two young men.
    In response to your comment: Puppy I am asking for is a Shih Tzu. Just a little allergy friendly mop of hair smaller than our cat.

  6. Kitty - Will try to get pics soon. Dael has a video camera which can take photos but generally needs to be charged before it can be used.

    BM - Thanks for your comments about my parenting skills. You are far more complimentary about them than I would be about myself. The boys can be very irritating and obnoxious sometimes (as can their sister) but sometimes you get glimpses of the adults they are turning out to be and it warms the heart.

  7. My son is not fond of schoo either. He is 15 and goes to school to play football and look at girls:)