Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Back to reality.

The school hols came and went. Bradley was either staying at his cousin's place or his cousin was at my place. Now cousin R suffers from allergies which I think are more under control when he is at home but when he is at our place, with our cats and dust, he starts to snuffle and snort like a rhinoceros! He stayed with us from Tuesday night until Friday night and out of a bag of 10 toilet rolls, I had 2 left. I also find it extremely irritating to have that constant noseblowing like a trumpet, the toilet constantly full of paper or little piles of toilet paper everywhere like snow drifts. I would tidy the house in the morning which took the entire time from waking until leaving and arrive home to find that the three boys had almost destroyed the place. Not a holiday for me!

Brad was back to school this week with the benefit now of ritalin which he has decided to be in charge of himself rather than leaving the meds with the teacher, who is rather sarcastic with the kids. I have allowed him this privilege as long as he remembers to take the tablets. Today, the school has already sent the children home (before 9am) because the school has no water. I hope that it is just a pipe problem and not that they haven't paid their utilities bill! Bradley was not complaining...

Dael is now on a mission to get to Gauteng after not wanting to go up at all. I think it has something to do with a new friend. I am happy for him to go because there is just no suitable work for him in our area but I will miss my son and I will miss my two boys being together. I don't like all the kids to be separated from each other. However, if Dael goes to Gauteng, his sister will be up there by the end of October and my older two will be able to renew their relationship. I think Dael needs that more at this stage. He is mixing with a school crowd and getting involved in teenage politics which is not where he should be at now. He needs to widen his horizons a bit more and I think the move will be good for him.

My car seems to have stopped leaking oil. There was a part broken just where the dipstick is inserted and oil was spraying out there and coating the engine and leaking wherever I parked. I was also having to fill up oil just about every week. The last time I checked oil, the attendant said he could replace the broken part and it would only cost R5. I said please do and he did. I needed 3 pints of oil. Then he checked my water - empty. He was disgusted and told me I was trying to break my car. (My water leaks as well and I carry a 2lt bottle of water everywhere I go.) He now has his bad opinion of woman drivers renewed by this crazy woman driving around with no oil or water! Don't worry that I have been driving my car for 5 years without blowing the motor. Oh well, it wasn't worth explaining.
Onwards and upwards!!


  1. Ha ha Mom, love that the attendant gave you stick, just to add to the list of everyone else that does :)

    Hope Brad remembers to take his Ritalin and it works for him!

  2. hee hee - now stop trying to break your car :)
    My mom also finds my allergies really annoying. She has a thatch house and as I walk in I start sniffing and snotting and even irritate myself.
    Next time the cousin comes, consider crushing an Allergex in his juice. Not only will it sort out the allergies but make him so sleepy he will not have energy to run riot in the house.
    (joking.....sort of)

  3. ha ha joking..........sort of..........actually good plan I'd say!

  4. Roby - Thanks!! I couldn't even moan at him cos he has just fixed my car.

    FF - At the very least cousin has to bring him self his own supply of toilet paper. Otherwise I might just consider giving all three of them allergex!

    Lulu - I'd definitely say so. Moms have to be devious to keep ahead of the game!

  5. It was a bonus that you got your oil leak fixed however, especially for so little. It's a pain in the neck to constantly be topping it up. Mine was doing the same thing.

  6. Barefootheart - If I had known that it was going to be so easy to fix I would have done it weeks ago. I thought I had to replace the whole dipstick! It is still leaking a few drops of oil but nothing like before.