Friday, November 14, 2008

Excuse my ignorance

but I'm new to blogging. I actually posted a meme a few minutes ago. However since I had saved it as a draft a few days ago it actually posted about 3 posts down as if I had actually posted it a few days ago. Does anyone know how I can move it up in the queue. It is entitled Meme-irific!

Thanks and have a great weekend!


  1. I have a suggestion for you.. there is a free program call Windows Live writer. It can be very useful after you get it all setup because it does a lot of things so much easier than the the blogger editor. However, you can change the order of your posts pretty easily. Go to new posts. At the bottom you will see
    Return to list of posts

    click on it and you will have a list of the post you have already published. Go to the post you wish to revise. Bottom left corner you will see:
    Post options
    click on it.
    You can then manipulate the time of the posting..even time travel is possible! spooky huh? posting before you were born!! Double check that you have posted in the right order. If not, return and try it again. Anyway, try this.. let me know if it doesnt work.. it should. thanks for becoming a follower on my blog. I will start adding my kitty pics!

  2. Go back in to edit it and change the date on to toady's date in post options

  3. if you go to edit the post just find the little hyperlink under the text box and to the left that says "post options" and you change the date and it fixes that :]

  4. Right... everyone's already given you the answer so I'm just commenting for the sake of it ;-)

  5. Thank you everyone for helping out. I really appreciate it.

  6. :D
    under the post you'll find publishing options, to the left of the one that says "show all" for the tags.
    you can click on it and change the date today. you can also pre-post this way, like if you're going to be away and would like to put something up.

  7. I dont know WTF to do , but hey ...Hollllaaaa from NYC !!!!!!!