Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ice Breaker!

I went out last night. Don't get excited. It was an all ladies year end dinner at the church. The weather was misty and rainy but the ambience at the church was cozy. They had done the church up in fairy lights and Christmas colours. I found my seat and introduced myself to the other ladies. The servers brought around punch in pretty frosted glasses but as I turned to ask my neighbour a question, my arm bumped my full glass of punch and swoosh!....the tidal wave engulfed the whole centre of the table. What an icebreaker...everyone stared at the liquid slowly sinking into the pretty tablecloth strewn with sparkly sequins and then started laughing nervously. The liquid disappeared in a few minutes soaking into the scenery and everyone forgot about it and carried on laughing and chatting.
What was particularly noticeable by myself was how unembarrassed I felt about my party blooper. What a blessing maturity simply don't care what others think about you! And its a million miles from how I used to be in my teens and twenties. Youth was definitely wasted on me. I was so terribly self conscious and had no confidence. The only inkling at that time of how I would be now was my absolute refusal to like or follow what the other girls at school liked or followed...I was unconventional and also possibly my argumentativeness and stubbornness at home on occasion with my family. Otherwise I was a pathetic mouse. Now I'll happily argue with shop assistants or raise my voice when necessary. It's fantastic!


  1. I think I was similar to you as a kid. Shy and self concsious and not fitting in but not really wanting to at the same time. It is quite confusing!

  2. That's so something I would do. Well handled ;-)