Friday, November 21, 2008

I don't think I'm crazy but...

I really feel the urge to break something today. The little box on the wall in reception is looking very inviting. It says "In case of emergency break glass". I'm trying to work out if my state of mind would be considered an emergency. The black dog is really sitting on my back today.
I started off this morning totally fine. I got up at about 5.10 and started to pull the living area of my house together before everyone got up. Well no-one got up until I had to wake everyone up at 6.40am and then they all floated around like they were already on holiday. As I was trying to finish up my preparations in the last half hour everyone was getting in my way in the kitchen, in the bathroom, etc. When I was ready to go Bradley still had to find his jacket, brush his teeth .... Well the volcano erupted and I started to scream. I know I know....I'm not the best advert for parenthood and its not good for me but I really had my buttons pushed this morning. I vented all the way to everyone's drop off zones and came to work.
But I can feel the volcano just simmering today! I've had a couple of sharp words with a couple of people here today already. And don't you just love it when you get advice from your co-workers!
1) Just relax! (I'll be very relaxed once I beat the sh*t out of you!)
2) You need to ground the kids and take away their privileges! (Do I look like I need extra work?)
And my personal favourite:
3) You need a man in your life! (I'm divorced for a reason - hello!)
There's a braai on in our garden today. One of our building contractors is holding his end-of-year spitbraai at our premises and I'll definitely be down there at 4pm for a drink or two before I have to go face the world again!
Have a relaxed weekend everyone and try to pretend it's like 5 days long!


  1. Shame, I feel for you. I wish I could take some of the load off your shoulders. Hopefully getting it out in your blog helps, like it does with me.

  2. Don't worry Kitty. Eventually my whacky sense of humour breaks through and I come right! Besides I can smell that spitbraai through my open window...yum!

  3. If you need to kill someone, I won't hold it against you.

    What's a braai?

  4. And...let me follow up the Captain's comment with, if you need to hide a body, I know a few good places. (I've hidden a few in his backyard)

  5. Thanks Cap'n - I'll remember that for future reference. A braai is a barbecue. The spitbraai is a lamb skewered on a rotating contraption over a metal drum of hot coals. It takes about 5 hours to cook this chunk of meat.

    Hi Steenky bee - leave some space for me in Captain's backyard!

  6. LOL, i love your sense of humour! Just this weekend i felt like throwing something across the room, out of frustration! lol... i didn't...

    Great post!

    Have a happy week x