Monday, November 10, 2008

Injection Time!

It was innoculation time for the 2 year old today. The mom and I have been trying to co-ordinate this for a while now cos she has no car and I work full day and can't always get time off. We tried the local clinic at 7.30am last week and by that time the queue was about 50 strong and they were holding a church service with the captive audience before starting the procedures. Bombed that idea. Any way so, I took an extra long lunch break today and zapped down the hill so we could get the shots done at a local pharmacy who has a nursing sister on staff. The little one is wise now so she cringed back away from the polio drops the sister was trying to get into her mouth. We got that right but her reactions to the proceedings didn't leave us with much confidence about how the actual injections were going to be received. She was given a sucker to distract her but soon became aware that something else was going to happen. The sister had put the dish of needles onto the floor and after peering down into the dish, little Rachael decided that she was going to voice her disapproval in the strongest possible terms. Her mom restrained her for the first shot in her left arm and I held her for the second. She couldn't quite believe it was going to happen to her again!

She didn't hold any grudges though and was soon licking her sucker. I left her and her mom at home and trundled back to work for the afternoon. I think we're in for some fun and games tonight though with the aftereffects of the shots!
Just phoned Brad to see how his exams went and he was nonchalant (he wrote English Comprehension and History today) but Mom - Zulu was bad! (His first exam). I hope Zulu isn't a failing subject!
I wish I was finished with schooool!!


  1. Oh, injections and shots suck! I hope Brad does well with his exams. Out of curiosity, what are the after effects of the shots?

  2. Kitty, It's usually pain in both arms - 2 shots! The area could become swollen and inflamed. The little one could run a temperature and probably not sleep well tonight.

    We'll just treat it with paracetamol and lots of sympathy!

  3. argh, i once skipped an injection even tho i had food poisining... i am terrified of needles!!