Thursday, November 6, 2008

Puppy blues!

Bradley wanted to charge his cellphone this morning and went to where he had left the charger. He leaves it plugged in behind the couch with the cable hanging over the couch. He discovered that the puppy had chewed right through the cable so he is now distraught that he can't chat with his peeps on mxit as his phone has gone flat. I also discovered while I was sweeping that puppy had bitten some pieces off another cable by the computer. Dael was instructed to make sure that all tv, computer and hifi cables were put away where puppy could not get hold of them. Whatever the 2 year old human doesn't destroy the 9 week old puppy will finish off!


  1. It's a good thing that puppies are so cute you can't stay mad at them ;-)

  2. i'm glad no puppies were harmed during that chewing! yikes.

    i tagged you in my blog :]

  3. That really sucks. Glad puppy didnt get electrocuted..

    Hopefully your puppy grows out of the chewing stage :)