Thursday, November 20, 2008

I had an ear bashing today...

from my eighteen year old son who managed to sound a lot similar to his father (my ex) although it would insult him greatly to hear me say that. He sent me 2 "call me's" on my cell which led me to believe that he might be experiencing an emergency at home. "Dael, what's the matter?" to which he replied, in an angry and exasperated tone "Mom, where's my skateboard?". Truly life and death stuff!
Well, the skateboard is in my car behind the passenger seat on the floor getting in the way and its been there since Saturday night. Bradley used his brother's skateboard at the skate park and was sleepy by the time we got home and ended up leaving the skateboard in the car. And its been there the whole week.
Dael: I'm going to plant my foot up his backside when I see him! He always leaving my skateboard lying around in the rain.
Me: But Dael, you leave your bike (bmx) lying in the rain as well.
Dael: That's different! It's made of metal not wood!
Me: And you also don't do what I ask you to do. I am still waiting for the photo's to be put onto a disk so that I can load them at work.
Dael: I cant put the photo's on the disk cos the computer's f--cked!
Me: Dael, I realise you do swear now but please don't do it when you're talking to me!
Dael: Mom, I'm so angry. I'm going to sort Bradley out later. I wanted to use my skateboard today!
Me: Okay Dael. I'm going now.
Hope Bradley is still in one piece when I get home.


  1. Heehee... this could be my brother and I a couple of years back or any other siblings on earth. Teenagers can be brats, hey?

  2. Too right Tam! I keep telling Bradley.."slow down, I only need one teenager at a time". But I think the horse has bolted now and I'm just gonna have to ride with it!