Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The calm after the storm!

Bradley was a bit sad and quiet for a day after the family left but has since perked up since he realised he's not being given instructions by older brother and can watch whatever he likes on tv. He's coming into his own already. We are getting into a quiet evening routine and best of all the house is still tidy when we get home. Bradley has been going to my mom in the afternoons as he doesn't want to go home at the moment with nobody there. I can see that changing shortly though because he already texted me today "Mom come early to fetch me". My mom likes things done in a particular way and I can see he will be deciding to go straight home from school in the near future.
Yesterday morning, when Brad got into the car his hair was wet and on glancing at him I noticed some specks of white almost like dandruff in his hair except that the specks weren't budging. Now he had been complaining that his hair was itchy but with my bad eyes I can't usually see anything small hidden away in hair and I used to rely on the older two to spot things like that. These specks I could see. I knew just what to get and last night we started on our remedial treatment of *lice*.
First a (much) shorter haircut. Brad doesn't like his hair too short as he likes to style it in a 'cool' style for school etc. He bit the bullet though and didn't argue because he wanted his problem sorted out. Then a nice bath and hairwash after which I dried his hair with the drier and then applied the ointment to his hair, rubbing it into the scalp. He had to sleep with the ointment on his hair and we rinsed it off this morning followed by another bath and hairwash. I will change all the bed linens tonight and wash them well. In a few days time we will repeat the whole ointment process again. I texted the Gauteng bunch to check the hair of the two little girls and their mom, Trish who had visited cousin R's house during the weekend reported that she had seen lice ointment in their bathroom. Now he was also visiting during the weekend and at one stage had such itchy hair that he had to go and shampoo his hair for relief. Share and share alike but there will be no more visiting until this is all cleared up to my satisfaction.
The office is irritating at the moment. Its year end so auditors and other strangers are wandering around. I have been dealing with irritating and irritated rental agents, purchasers, tenants. Everybody has a problem and time is running out. It seems as the year gets shorter everybody starts running around manically trying to get things finished before year end closedown.
Weather is unpredictable too. Its hot when I leave for work but where I work, just 8kms from home but at a slightly higher altitude, the weather is changeable and every afternoon brings clouds and cooler temperatures. Its difficult to know what to wear. I have taken to bringing a pair of track pants to change into because I never just go straight home and by the end of the day, I am freezing in my Summer outfit.
I haven't spoken much to Dael but I believe he is working hard and I'm sure he is excited to make the trip down to Cape Town with his dad to fetch his sister, as he hasn't been to Cape Town before. Definitely beats sitting at my place with nothing to do!


  1. So glad that things are starting to calm down for you at home. Sorry about the "lice" situation. It's good that you caught it quickly and are taking the proper steps to get rid of it right away. I imagine it's much fun for him to feel so itchy. Makes my head itch just thinking about it! Smiles to you:)

  2. First, I hope those leaks just stop that in you car!! And irritating is irritating, isn't it??!!

  3. Lice.....bummer. The fun never stops with kids, right? Hope the shorter haircut and treatments do the trick.

  4. i've known people where every one in the house, including the babysitter got Lice. Not fun. I don't envy you

  5. Kaleena - Thank you. At least I've only got one kiddo to sort out. I'm sure that it'll be problem solved with just one more application of ointment.

    Susan - If my car isn't leaking oil and water its letting rain leak in usually on my feet while I'm driving. I am doomed to drive leaky cars!

    Kathryn - True. Its just non-stop fun with kids. They're very inventive! All should be sorted out soon.

    Jessica - The lice is not too much of a problem because I always manage to avoid it. Bugs don't like me. Bradley even uses my hairbrush. But horrible for every one to get it in a household. What a mission!

  6. I'm glad you caught the lice early.