Friday, October 16, 2009

This time I had proof!

I will still at work just after 5pm yesterday, not in a hurry to rush into the traffic when I received a text message from Dael. "Pick me up from R". This is their cousin who lives in the centre of town whereas I normally pop down the back way which brings me out where I live. I reply okay and leave the office.
I arrive at the flat, one of the other occupants recognises me and lets me in. I text Dael "I'm here" and go up to greet his aunt and uncle. As I enter the house, I ask "Is my eldest son here?" and am met with blank stares from everyone. "No." Then another text comes from Dael, "You're not here" and "at C's house". I told him that he had told me he collect him from his cousin not his friend. His friend would have been easier as he lives in the same suburb as us. I saved his messages as proof because he wouldn't believe me that he gave me wrong information but tried to make out I was wrong. Then I had coffee and visited a little!
After visiting the local shop for supplies, I picked Dael up and waved my phone in front of his and C's faces because they were still taunting me. They were forced to eat their words. Who's the old one now? At least I would have an excuse for getting it wrong with 25 years seniority on Mr Dael!
At home, we had leftovers from two nights this week so I made the official decision that it was leftover night and I wasn't cooking and made an early night of it. In between drifting in and out of sleep I became aware that my bedroom door was closed probably because the boys were making a noise with the Playstation. However, in the early hours, even that closed door wasn't enough for me to sleep through a loud bang. I flew up and out of my room and discovered that Dael had heard cats screeching and in his effort to stop whatever fight was happening, had banged on one of the small panes of glass in the french doors and shattered a hole clean through the middle of it. He had a small scratch on his knuckle which was bleeding. I cleaned up the glass while he sorted out his hand. He was lucky as it could have been worse. So now we have two panes out in that one door. The 'hole' further down is used as a cat and dog 'door' but I think that two panes out is a bit much and we're going to have to sort out the whole thing now.
Incidentally why Dael reacted so violently to the sound of the cat fight was that he had heard a cat screeching the night that our one kitten Spidey went missing and we think that he was wandering and got caught by dogs. Last night was a territorial cat fight though with a lot of male yowling going on. Dael in his haste couldn't distinguish between the sounds and thought that another one of the cats was in trouble. He maintains that the glass has become fragile and gave me a technical reason of glass being still in a 'liquid' state although it seems solid but I think he just doesn't realise his own strength!
Bradley has the privilege of staying off today, Friday as the school has officially closed for Diwali. This is a first with this school but they now have a different headmaster. So now the kids are missing yet another day of school. Its not even an official school or public holiday so we will still see if the Education Dept has anything to say about schools going this route as I believe there was a communication from the Dept advising that schools were supposed to open per normal. Again Bradley is not complaining...4 day weeks are becoming the norm!
Happy weekend and watch your animals during the fireworks and 'big bangs' displays!


  1. Don't you know that you always wrong! Even though you are a woman and woman are always right, teenagers trump that!

    Tell Dael his brain is going to mush because he does not excersie it!

    Hope it is not expensive to replace the door and next time maybe he should go outside and check or bang something not breakable!

  2. Roby - I know, but this time I had proof! He just smiled sheepishly. I dont think it will be too bad just need to get some glass cut to size. Each pane is a little smaller than a sheet of A4 paper. I will have to think about closing my dog door though. I think it was just a reflex action for him. It gave him a fright too.

  3. I love that you had proof! Isn't that the best!
    Have a safe and glass-breaking free weekend and because it bares repeating...I love the picture of the cats!

  4. Cat fights in the middle of the night sound frightening, they always scare me too!

  5. Often it's the kiddos who are wrong - but rarely do we have proof - way to go!

  6. Stephanie - The weekend wasn't totally free of broken glass but thats another story! I love the pic too - its a classic.

    Jientje - Its a very eerie sound isnt it. I've got a couple of territorial males who defend the borders and I have males who stay at home and look after the ladies!

    Lisa - Its true! Revenge was sweet - but he accepted his teasing gracefully!