Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Seen on the street.

I have decided to start up a new series of observations on the street as and when they occur.

The first was as I was travelling behind a tanker truck. I was behind it for quite some time travelling home down the back route from my work to home. I was staring at the rear of the tanker which was complete with all the paraphernalia to suck or blow whatever the contents of the tanker are when I noticed that jammed into the mechanism was a bicycle, quite secure and cosy with its one tyre resting on a road cone. Its necessary to have some alternative transport should your tanker break down!

Last night going home via my parents, I stopped at an intersection and glanced left to check traffic and there was a large gentleman out for his evening exercise. He was wearing nothing to spare anyone glancing his way from the sight of his huge naked belly and the rest of his sorry torso apart from the requisite running shoes and a very small pair of shocking pink shorts. Oh my gosh - that should be illegal! And he wasn't running!

More strange sights to come!


  1. I have a very fertile imagination and you describe very well. I can see all of it so clearly in my mind's eye. We sure do live in an interesting world!

    On the post below, I know it will be difficult in school, but I used the alarm on my cellphone to remind me to take Ritalin. It is now so entrenched in me that I hardly ever forget. It would be sad for you if Dael move to Gauteng, but there is no doubt about it - there's more work opportunities here.

  2. Thanks Spear. I try to draw a word picture with my writing as I dont have a camera and its not always convenient - or appropriate to take a photo anyway!

    On the ritalin note, Bradley seems to be remembering because the time to take the tablet coincides with the end of first break. So as soon as he gets back in class he takes the tablet. As for Dael, the parting is worse than the separation. Sometimes kids cannot become independent when they are around their mothers. When they are away from the nurturing parent, they are forced to do for themselves and as a result to start to grow up!

  3. Hey there, thanks for the comment - I just wanted to ask you, where did you find your midwives back when you were pregnant with Bradley? The problem for me is there are no midwives here in Shelly Beach, so I would have to go to Durbs to find one. My gynae is also the only one here on the coast (can you believe it?) who even does try to turn a baby! I hear your point, I would have no problem going to a midwife, but the midwife I did see didn't sound like she would perform an external version. I don't suppose you know of anyone who is practising now?

  4. I'm looking forward to reading more. It's a good idea. And by the way, I like the new look you've given the blog.

  5. Wow! I wonder if that tanker breaks down a lot? And the guy w/the pink running shorts who's not running?? Ew. A bit of an exhibitionist in him, I guess!
    Thanks for the comment at my place!

  6. Kitty - Hi, I understand your frustration. I will look into it for you and try get some information.

    Griever - Thanks! I'm sure all of us see many funny things on route from work to home. And thanks for the compliment on my new look.

    Kathryn - Welcome. Maybe the driver just uses his bicycle to get to and from work. And the guy with the stomach. I think its going to take more than a bit of walking to get rid of that!