Monday, October 19, 2009

Expecting the unexpected.

I had planned to take the boys out this weekend past because I was anticipating Dael leaving for Gauteng as soon as his father was given the go-ahead to come down to KZN to finish a job.
It was still raining on Friday night but the boys cousin, R had been dropped off to stay over and had brought a stock of crackers with him, much to my irritation. They barely waited for night to fall before dashing out and letting some off. The cats were a little concerned but the dogs reacted immediately cowering below the couch and every now and again trying to get up. R kept on running in and out of the house to the bedroom and when I eventually went into the bedroom, I saw that the carpet was just absolutely full of mud! I saw red and that was the end of the cracker session. We had burgers for supper and I went to sleep because the boys were using the tv for playstation games. I woke up again at about 1am and the boys were still awake. Dael was making coffee when a vehicle pulled up the driveway.
It was the kids dad come down without notifying us and he had the whole family - Trish, Kaleigh and Rachael and his helper, Ishmael. So all systems go sorting out beds for the extras and making coffee and we all went to sleep. I think it was almost 4am before the littlest one stopped chirping.
The weekend was supremely busy and I had a full house the whole weekend. Luckily most of Dael's clothes had been washed and it was just a case of packing and making sure nothing important got left behind. On Saturday night, Dael and friend C wanted to have a last memorable outing to club 54. Well it was memorable for Dael and quite ironic for me. I had been out earlier in the evening and texted Dael jokingly, asking him what he had prepared for supper. He texted back 'My foot' with a pic of his foot. I jumped to the wrong conclusion and thought that something was wrong with his foot. At club 54 later, he and friend C had been descending a metal staircase with full bottles of beer. It had been raining heavily and Dael slipped on the stairs and fell down about 10 remaining stairs, landing heavily on his hip. That was the end of his evening and I got a call at midnight (early for them) to fetch them. C had slipped as well behind Dael but managed to land on his feet. I told Dael he took the fall for his friend and prevented him from injury but to add insult to injury, the bottle of beer also broke and cut Dael's hand though not badly thank goodness. I said to him that I must have had a premonition from the pic earlier that we would have a foot injury. He had a painful roasty and a big bump on his hip and Sunday saw him limping in agony.
Sunday went by in a blur. I spent as much time as possible with Dael and the family left for Gauteng at 6.40pm after visiting ouma (grandma) on route, only arriving at their destination at 3am on Monday morning.
Bradley spent the evening very blue and upset because suddenly now he is an only child with only his mom for company. He was also very tired and soon fell asleep. I think its going to be a few days before he gets used to the new arrangement.


  1. Sounds like you had a crazy, busy weekend my friend!

  2. It was crazy Kaleena and the constant rain just made it worse. But this week is the quiet after the storm.

  3. Ouch! The fall sounded painful.

    Spontaneous weekend it seems, sometimes they work out more exciting.

    CJ xx

  4. It would drive me nuts if people showed up at my house in the wee hours of the morning unannounced.

  5. CJ - Spontaneous I got used to expecting with my ex. It was helluva tiring though especially after a rainy irritating week! Time to relax a bit now though!

    Tamara - It probably would have been a bit more irritating for me if I hadnt just woken from my early evening nap because I didnt get back to sleep until almost 4am. Luckily I'm used to these people too. Don't anyone else try it!