Thursday, October 22, 2009

Teenage boy blush!

I embarrassed Bradley this morning! Not on purpose...I'm not so mean. Just by being a mommy.
We arrived at his school and I noticed a group of grade seven girls, obviously prefects, standing by the entrance to the playground from the parking lot. They were giggling and not taking any notice whatsoever of the arriving students.
Bradley was still zipping up his bag and I spotted yesterday's empty lunchbox still inside his bag, together with today's full lunchbox, just taking up space. I made a grab for the empty lunchbox and came out with the full one instead. He made a grab for the lunchbox and stuffed it back inside his bag, his cheeks flushing pink with embarrassment. "Mom leave it! There's girls watching!"
"But they're not even watching you. They're talking to each other."
"They're always watching....", he closed the door with an arrogant kick and stalked off without a backwards glance.
I overstepped my mark as the taxi driver. Bad mom!
(P.S. Thats why I won't change my old jalopy until all are through the moody teenage phase!)


  1. He has wisdom beyond his years...they're always watching.

  2. Kaleena - He's a total comedian and seems to have inherited my gift for the quick comeback comment, even when embarrassed!

    Richard - I guess he has! Maybe its a lesson learnt from experience.

  3. How right he is!
    They ARE always watching!!!

  4. Angel - Poor kid indeed! This morning at school dropoff I was brushing fluff off his jersey whilst he protested!

    Serena - Even while they are not looking in your direction, the girls always seem to know when something embarrassing happens. Eyes in the back of the head?