Thursday, October 22, 2009

First Blog-oversary!

I thought I missed my blog-oversary so looked back on my posts - and its today!
My first post was a year ago and it feels like yesterday that I first took the plunge of committing thoughts to the written word.
It hasn't been as easy as I thought it might be. Sometimes words and ideas don't flow so smoothly. You experience something during the day that you think would make a good post and then when you come to write, you can't remember what the heck it was you wanted to write about! Or all of a sudden you feel very boring and can't write at all. Eventually you come to see that people are mostly the same the world over. We all have confidence issues at some time, we sometimes feel stupid or boring. But someone somewhere is interested in what we have to say and that really builds self-confidence. Over the past year and more especially fairly recently, I have come to appreciate the release that writing gives me, the freedom to express myself in a written form. When I keep all my thoughts inside my head, I actually find it difficult to process my thoughts and I forget words - my mind becomes a muddy backwater.
So thank you friends and followers and Internet for giving me this platform for freedom of expression and for showing interest in the happenings of my life and my mind! May our relationship continue for many more years to come.


  1. Congratulations! My feelings exactly!

  2. It's a release, you sum things up perfectly. Congratulations. You 'find' good people on the net that you never knew existed, and the world seems a better place for it. So thank you. BTW- for the previous post, they 'are' always watching, huh.

  3. Oh, Happy Anniversary! Quite the accomplishment...a whole year!

    Note to you: Keep pencil and paper everywhere....I keep post-its (my best friend) in my car, a pad by my bed...that way, you won't forget that hilarious thought ever again.

  4. Happy anniversary.. I love the connections I have made to all these incredible women out there. Seriously, reading your blogs, talking with some on the phone and even meeting a few, a real gift

  5. Louise, Kaleena and Lakeviewer - My sincere thanks girls. The pleasure has been all mine. Truly.

    Griever - Its amazing how we come to realise that we are all giving each other moral and emotional support on a daily basis, just in some small way. This world is not an easy place in which to live. So thank you too.

    Kathryn - Thanks, the year has gone so fast though I can't quite believe I've been at this for that length of time. Good idea on the notebook or stickys.

    Jessica - Ditto. The internet has given us the opportunity to meet us with a lot of like-minded people the world over. I also cherish the bloggers that I communicate with and enjoy their company greatly.

  6. Happy bloggiversary!!
    So how many posts have you done? You know you have to do the hundredth one naked and the five hundredth one naked and wearing a party hat...

  7. Angel - Thank you so much! By the date of my blogoversary I had done 85 posts. Doing the hundredth one naked should go down a treat at work where I blog and by the five hundredth one I should have a queue of paying customers waiting to see!

  8. Happy blog-iversary. I found you through a comment on my blog - I'll be back.

  9. Hi Donna and welcome! Thanks for visiting. Looking forward to you returning.