Thursday, October 8, 2009

Seen on the streets!

I had just dropped Brad at school and was making my way along a suburban street to get to the freeway. On the side of the busy street stood a tall elderly man holding two nicely made placards which read "Brothels are illegal" and "Keep our neighbourhood clean". A one-man picket! Obviously he has discovered that some of his nice neighbours are carrying on a seedy business due to the fact that they are receiving an inordinately high number of visitors! I think this type of 'business' is creeping into a lot of suburbs. Well, one cant expect the patrons to have to travel too far for their entertainment, can one? Makes you think doesn't it?
I got to the freeway only to discover that it was jam-packed with traffic. The cars were creeping slowly down the offramp towards the traffic lights and I was fiddling with my bag to put away my lip balm, all the time braking as the traffic was stopping again when whoomp! I was resting bumper to bumper against the car of the lady in front of me. Oops! I was braking but just not hard enough and I was distracted for a second and hadn't noticed that the traffic had stopped completely. I held my handbrake and reversed up a little to separate us from our closeness. She and I got out of our cars and she was such a good sport. She examined her bumper and said "Don't worry". There was no damage as I was just resting against her car but it was reminder to me as we drove our separate ways not to become distracted when my car is moving... however slowly!
More later...


  1. hehehe... that's touching, but probably not very effective, one-man-picketer.

    Glad there was no damage to your car or the other lady's!

  2. Naughty Mom, are you sure you were not busy on mxit ;) No phones while driving!

    In my complex, unit No1, there was a sex worker who ran her business from home. You know what a nice complex and area I live in! Forunatly she has moved.

    Come look at my new baby

  3. Tamara - It gave me quite a surprise to see him there all on his own. Maybe he's hoping his action will encourage other neighbours to complain.

    Roby - No, although I was on mxit, I wasn't typing or reading at the time. Just should have stopped first before I tried to put my lipice away! Maybe sex worker lady got very busy and her visitors were wearing out the entrance gate! Or maybe the Body Corp. just found out and gave her the boot.

  4. Oops! Hahaha, well at least no one got hurt and from the sounds of it the cars didn't do too badly either.

  5. You were blessed my a kind person. Yay! Don't you love it when people are gracious. It's contagious. :)

  6. whoops! Change "my" to "by" and it might make sense! lol

  7. Must have been going around the world bc yesterday I rear-ended someone myself!
    I fell in love with the kittens in your picture and called my husband straight away to say, "Let's get a kitten!"
    I enjoyed your blog!

  8. I am so glad all ended well. Love the lady who you bumped into it. Isn't it great when people chose to take the high road? Drive safe!!

  9. Phew, lucky you were just "resting" against her bumper!

  10. PS: May I ask you, when the midwife turned Bradley was it painful for you or not? Just curious. You're the only person I know whose had her baby turned.

  11. Louisa - we were both fortunate that no damage. Sometimes traffic jams are good!

    Robynne - She was a very gracious person but I didnt have an attitude either. I was apologetic for my mistake. And I reversed away from her car without further mishap. That helped!

    Stephanie - Welcome and thanks for commenting. So glad you liked my header. I just changed it because I wanted something that reflects me and my love for kitties more. Hope you can get a kitten - there's nothing like them!

    La Belette Rouge - Welcome too! It was great that the lady chose the high road. So many drivers are aggressive out there these days and spoiling for a fight.

    Kitty - Yes resting is always better than smashing. I have answered you on your own blog about the baby turning but I really hope with all my heart that you can get this all sorted out to your own satisfaction and happiness.