Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Daughter of Mine

My darling daughter turns 22 today. A year ago I visited her in Cape Town for her 21st birthday bash which was held at my sister's house. Just where has one more year gone?

She arrived in Cape Town just before she turned 20 and now she's just about to fly on again just after she turns 22.

She's a whirlwind! My Roby is an ambitious forward thinking young lady who wants to embrace new experiences, meet new friends and continue studying when she gets up to Gauteng. She attracts friends to her like a moth to a light and people like to be around her.

She has self confidence and a drive to get where she wants to be in life. She doesn't run over people and treat people badly while she's striving to get ahead. She cherishes her friends and loves spending time with them. She's sociable and loves socialising!
She loves her bunnies and also dogs and cats. I'm sure that in time when she has her own house she will have a house full of pets.

I am extremely proud of my daughter and especially of the fact that she is prepared to take great leaps of faith and move house in order to achieve her life's ambitions.
Happy Birthday, Popcat. May all your dreams be fulfilled and your challenges be achievable.

Have a lovely day! We miss you!

Lots of love, Mom, Dael and Bradley. xxxxxx


  1. Thank you Mom, wow I needed all that, you just made my day! Wish you were here to spend my Birthday with me! I really miss you and love you lots!

  2. We'll have to have a big birthday bash in December for all the family birthday and occasions missed this year! Keep your chin up and remember the anniversary of your birthday is a renewal of the hopes and dreams for you on the day you were born. Your birthday anniversary is special for you to celebrate as its a new year of life granted to you to do the things you want to do and be the person you want to be regardless of what others think.

  3. Happy Birthday to your daughter!!

  4. It's wonderful to watch them grow, isn't it? Best wishes to Roby. Hope she has a great year.